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Punctuation Essay Examples

Essay on Punctuation

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Love is a Disease: An Explication of Sonnet 147

Love is a Disease: An Explication of Sonnet 147 Love is a disease. Desire is deadly. When one thinks about Shakespeare’s sonnets, the instinctual response is the thought of romance. For instance the adoring lines, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day/ Thou are more lovely and more temperate” (Sonnet 18, 1-2), are thought to be the most famous words from a Shakespearean sonnet. However, instead of describing love in a starry-eyed fashion, Shakespeare discusses the punitive characteristics of…...

Belfast Confetti by Ciaran Carson

The poem 'Belfast Confetti illustrates the consequences of a bomb during the troubles that people in Belfast experienced. The title 'Belfast Confetti' is a heading that has a double significance. On one had the homemade bombs that the Individual Retirement Account used are described as Belfast confetti due to the nuts and bolts they put in the shrapnel. The second is more complex. Confetti is normally utilized in times of celebration such as wedding events, which is strange as the…...

Capitalization, Punctuation, and Spelling

Read the sentence. Ming and her sister who is home from college for spring break organized a bake sale to benefit the victims of the fire. Which version of the sentence has correctly placed commas? Ming and her sister, who is home from college for spring break, organized a bake sale to benefit the victims of the fire. Which sentence contains a correctly punctuated nonrestrictive modifier? Jake, who is twenty-seven, is studying to be a yoga teacher. Read the sentence.…...

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Story of Doctor Faustus

Doctor Faustus continues his travels, deceiving a horse courser on the way. Faustus sells the man a horse that transforms into a straw bale as it is ridden into a river. Soon, Faustus receives an invite to the court of the Duke of Vanholt, where he is asked to perform a number of feats. The horse courser arrives to the court, with him, Robin and Rafe and a number of others who have been victimized by Faustus's witchery. However, Faustus…...

My Experience in Literary Devices

Literature can encompass many types of genres like drama, poetry, nonfiction, fiction, prose and more. And in my reading response 2, I had towrite a 15 to 20 line poem about Fahrenheit 451. I used many poetic devices likemetaphor, rhyme, and repetition. My style implemented numerous commas, used anAABB rhyme scheme, and more. My purpose was to inform and entertain the reader. Throughout my poem, I make use of different types of language, styles, and tryto entertain/persuade the reader to…...

Major Theme Ambition in "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare explores ideas around dangerous characteristics by showing that characters can be deceitful. A major theme in Macbeth' would be ambition, which is both Macbeth's and Lady Macbeth's hamartia, this is important because Lady Macbeth's ambition causes her to lose sight and control of everyday life. Therefore, creating a dangerous character. Shakespeare explores the idea of Lady Macbeth being dangerous through her instructions to take away her feminine attributes to gain more power. 'unsex me here, And fill me from…...

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