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Punctuality Essay Examples

Essay on Punctuality

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Punctuality in the Military

There are ways I can help myself to always be on time, for instance, I can make sure that my alarm is set and is loud enough so I don’t sleep through it. I can set myself enough time in the morning so I don’t have to rush out the door and I have enough of a buffer in the event traffic at the gate decides it’s going to be extra bad one particular morning. If, by all means, I have done everyth...

Punctuality Speech

Time they could’ve turned into money, or simply used for something else. In coming to meet you at the agreed time, they may have made sacrifices- woken up early, cut short their workout – and your lateness negates those sacrifices. If you wouldn’t think of taking ten dollars from another man’s wallet, you shouldn’t think of stealing ten minutes from him either. Last but not least, being ...

Time and Punctuality

It is said that Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo in 1815 because one of his generals came late. Many people lose good opportunities of job or promotion when they reach late for appointment. All of us are not born with the virtue of punctuality. We have to cultivate it painstakingly. Only constant vigil and practice can implant this virtue. It calls for great deal of sacrifice. It calls for cou...

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Punctuality and Time

One person can make that much of a splash just by being late, which is why the military is expected to the punctual. Honor is defined as honesty, fairness, or integrity in ones beliefs and actions. When it comes to being on time one should have the sense to be fair to his or her shipmates not being late and wasting their time. A person being frequently late shows that that person does not respect ...

Military Accountability

Another part of accountability is no more excuses. No more finger pointing. Accept on responsibility and exert control over your behavior through your choices. Accept consequences and take the good with the bad. One must meet expectations. There is not time for laziness when being accountable. Be ready to admit mistakes because they will happen. Confident people accept responsibility for their beh...

{Punctuality: Personal Nd Professional Image

Possibly, you are among those who are chronically late. One reason for constant tardiness is that it’s extremely difficult to arrive on time, especially in large metropolitan areas. Unexpected traffic congestion, taking that last minute call, running back to the office or home to grab forgotten articles, are all impediments to being on time. Even the most time conscious, careful planners can be ...

The Hidden Curriculum Definition

While the Hidden Curriculum is often referred to as the side effect of learning or incidentally learning, it is as equally important as the formal' curriculum. The hidden curriculum manifest itself many aspects of the students' schooling. These unintentional messages can either positively or negatively impact the students' behaviours and attitudes, therefore teachers must strive to understand the ...

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