Pulse and Heart Rate Essay

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Pulse and Heart Rate

1. Determine your heart rate by taking your radial pulse and then your carotid pulse. What was your heart rate in each instance?
For my radial pulse my heart rate was 86 beats per minute. For my carotid pulse my heart rate was 90 beats per minute.

Explain which artery you found easier to use and why.
The artery that I found easier to use was the carotid artery and my reason for that is because the pulse felt stronger.

2. Which two websites did you use to determine your target heart rate? The two websites I used to determine my target heart are www.active.com/fitness and www.webmd.com/body-bmi-calculator

3. What was your target heart rate zone on each of these websites? Were the zones the same? According to Active.com my target heart rate is between 101-131 beats per minute. Webmd.com determined my target heart rate to be between 101-131 beats per minute. Yes, the heart rate zones were very similar.

4. Do you think the range for your target heart rate zones identified by these websites is reasonable? Why or why not? Yes, I do think that the range of my target heart rate zone is reasonable because my heart rate should be faster when I am exercising.

5. How does understanding your target heart rate zone help you improve your physical fitness? Understanding your target heart rate zone can help improve your physical fitness because it can help you maintain your intensity level when exercising.

6. Describe a physical activity you have done before when you have failed the talk test. What would you change about that activity in order to pass the talk test? One physical activity that I have done before where I had failed the talk test was when I had to swim out to a marking point in a lake. What I would change about that activity so I can pass the talk test is to practice more on my swimming.

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