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Public’s perception of police Essay

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Do you think the events of September 11, 2001, changed the public’s perception of police? Explain how and why. One believes the public perception has swayed from good to bad over years. For instance, right after the September 11th terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, the mass loss of civilians, police, as well as fire department personnel gained public sympathy. The Cypress Times explains, “It remains the deadliest day in U.S. law enforcement history: 72 peace officers killed in the line of duty during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001” (Kouri, 2011).

The public saw the loss of departments as well as law enforcement officers as heroes for the courage of trying to attempt to save lives and dyeing in action. These individuals were no longer just the people one would try to avoid such as with traffic tickets, these were the individuals society would recognize and come to thank. However, as society is not just one person and includes the minds of many came much debate.

Along with such massive plot to kill Americans included the matter of who to blame for such attacks. Was the blame toward the lack of airport security and personnel by the airport police, the President of the United States or for the hijackers? Despite the blame game many laws were indeed enforced after the September 11th attacks on United States soil. The League for Revolutionary Party illustrates, Perhaps, many thought, September 11 would mark the beginning of a time when all Americans would stand together in unity and equality…. politicians passed new laws like the “USA Patriot Act” that greatly expanded police powers to spy, arrest and interrogate suspects (League for Revolutionary Party, 2011). Indeed, as many laws aim to help, one believes this would give police officers more leeway to employ powers of police actions.

The League for Revolutionary Party further illustrates, “The pro-cop atmosphere fostered after September 11 gave the police a green light to beat, shoot and kill without fear of punishment or even much attention” (League for Revolutionary Party, 2011). One believes this is somewhat accurate as the attacks are very much imprinted in many individual minds, however, the thankful attitude of Americans shifted fast from the heroes of that day to the heroes that are currently deployed because of the September 11th attacks. No matter what there will always be bad cops; there were some before September 11th and after September 11th. The attacks had an effect but despite the attacks much of the public will believe police racially profile or are the bad guys that just give individuals tickets. Despite opinions, officers are there to serve and protect.

Kouri, K. (2011, August 20). 72 Police Officers Killed On 9/11 To Be Remembered On 10th Anniversary. Retrieved from http://www.thecypresstimes.com League for Revolutionary Party. (2011, Fall). Police Terror since September 11. Retrieved from http://www.Irp-cofi.org

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