A publication for a web should be made with a considerable thought of the skills the human resource that should be involved with the people who are designing it. To start with, the web designers should have the relevant technical skills of word processing, organization and management of information in the publication, creative skills, as they should know how to create a presentable website and have the willingness and ability to experiment on new ideas, and good communication skills. There are several guidelines developed in order for publication to meet qualified standards that is will serve to communicate ideas to the recipient in a way that will give a great overview and understanding.

 The tips on news gathering and website management requires a good website be consistent of good coverage and content, breaking news, design and navigation, interactivity tools with the community (The society 2009).

The journal presents a good coverage of how waste is laid to wastefulness and has a  good content which moves the readers along smoothly from one section of the content to the next as the story is expressed in a coherent manner.

The journal releases some breaking news, which communicates in a comprehensive way by showing a good interactivity with the community and  showing the garbage that comes from  restaurant  school and as well as hospital cafeteria table scraps. However, the design of the website in relation to the content is lacking as the illustrations has not tabled all the needed facts but has only equip the reader with some of the basic facts that are relevant for showing the recycling of the waste.

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Proper design and navigation of the website in relation to the content has not also been thoroughly achieved as the publication does not clearly show the finished products after the wastes have been recycled.

The journal presents a good coverage of plants that can be selected for providing food for human beings and wildlife consumption, and a good content for the theme that communicates the intended message effectively. The website has a good design in relation to the publication as it has a good style of communicating that has a combination of pictures and content. This helps in creating a good style that is interesting to the reader since it not likely to bore the leader because  a green scenario that goes beyond the first vegetable garden.

The design and navigation of the website to the content is good as the illustrations table all the needed facts that are needed by the reader in order to they equip them with some all the facts  that are relevant to landscaping that goes far beyond a vegetable garden to the backyard. There is a good interactivity with the community as the journal shows how edible landscaping offers environmental benefits by providing a food source for wildlife as well as humans. The publication also has a good year’s theme, which is shown by using a good content that shows the sale, which will be open for Delaware Nature Society members with speculated time framework and the date due. There  is a good rich media content in the  webpage as the what the director says about his excitement about the  landscaping being chosen as special focus of the years sale has been successful.

The author describes the economic success through the release of some breaking news which state that  showing a number of unusual and favorite plants sale that include native vines aquatic plants grasses and sedges trees and shrubs. However although the web page has good breaking news of introduction of plants available for all growing conditions, including the plants that are to grow from Mt. Cuba Center and the species of plants that will serve to attract the wildlife and, birds and butterflies.

The articles content is good since it move the readers along smoothly from one section of the publication to the next. The ideas have been well presented through corrective use of words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs and are well incorporated by the use of appropriate and interesting words to that are able to capture the reader’s interest and create an attention.  This s shown from the moment the couple went to the store to get some supplies and plants and it happened that the store was crowded and the couple decided to go and plant some cucumbers for themselves.

The paragraphs are coherent in a manner that the sentences in any paragraph present a common idea that relates to the other idea in the next paragraph. Strong narrative skills are evident by the way the writer presents the events that took place while buying the cucumber.  The events have been presented in a coherent manner of how the couple enjoys having a garden in our backyard that could help them plant their own cucumber in the garden. Although the narration of his story of how the couple went to the store to get some supplies and plants and finding a crowded store that seemed to take forever to get through the line is good, this also shows that there  is a  lack of interactivity tools with the community. I would say that the picture is good for the content as it lacks pictures that show other members of the community.

However, the publication states that, when the couple got outside they realized that we had a pack of cucumbers in the basket that they had forgotten to pay for they narrate their first thought. This was to go back to the buy some cucumbers as theirs were bitter but fails to show the picture design for the statement with the picture displayed. Therefore, there is also no-good design and navigation for the picture displayed with the amounts of money the cucumber costs.   More so, the design and the design and navigation of the content do not suit with the website as the website should show a bridge between buying and planting of the cucumbers.

The article has good breaking news that is described in form of a theme of honesty under and gives us a lesson for learning that honesty is the best policy, which they learnt from experience. The couple portrays this by stating that they should have gone back and line for the cucumbers instead of having to taste the end of the bitter cucumbers.

Although the article narrates the story of cucumbers with good narrative skills, this does not however make his entire publication correct. This is because the article does not show good interactivity tools with the community that can be used in order to eradicate the shortcomings of the community as this can only show his own personal opinion as he may have been misled into believing that he was providing information with relevant facts. His own judgment may provide a good background that will help him to compile his website but he should also have a good interactivity tool with the community.

Although the author has good has good narrative skills and good organization of  the happenings in an orderly manner that makes it easier for the reader to link ideas his narrative, his design and navigation for the pictures used are lacking. This is because the  author expresses the happenings in a progressive manner,  with strong narrative skills which are evident by the way he presents the events that took place during the buying point of the cucumbers and has presented the events have been presented in a coherent manner but fails to show the navigation through the picture design. The author seems to have had a good background in history since he relates ideas well but fails to illustrate a connection between the present and past occurrences. The writer has presented facts, opinions, arguments which all contribute to a well structured piece of work but fails to show a good interactivity with the community.

This article  would be most appropriate for anyone who wants to have a quick understanding of the factors that led to led to author honesty  but the arguments are not well justified. The author of this publication does not has put much emphasis on the causes of his honesty.

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