Public Relations Student Society Essay

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Public Relations Student Society

My name is Jessica T. and I am a high school senior. During high school, I have been very focused on academics, and have also been involved with many extracurricular activities. As I prepare for my freshman year at Central Michigan University, my goals are to be an active member of the Honor’s Program, to be selected for the Leadership Camp and Safari, and to achieve a major in Integrative Public Relations, with a minor in Leadership. Throughout high school, I have been able to maintain an excellent grade point average, while also being active in many different clubs and sports.

My current school activities include: Student Council (Historian of the council and Secretary of my class), National Honors Society, Business Professionals of America (Vice President), Cares Charity Club, Varsity Cross Country, and Varsity Soccer. I have also been a member of Pep Club, Foreign Language Club, Yearbook, and Volleyball. Along with school groups and activities, I am an active member of my church youth group at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ.

One of my very favorite and most fulfilling events each year is a mission trip, where I’m able help people who may be less fortunate or just need some extra help from their community. A schedule that blends academics with school and community activities keeps me very busy. My ability to have both a school life and social life is something that might distinguish me from other high academic achievers. As I’ve seen with some of my own classmates, many people aren’t able to find a good balance; you either have a “bookworm” who does not get out much, or students who get out too much and end up failing classes.

A crucial skill I had to learn quickly was how to manage my time between school, extracurricular activities, and just relaxing with my friends and family. I love to have fun with my friends, but I also know when it is time to concentrate on school work. The fact that I love public speaking is something that might also set me apart, not only from high academic achievers, but most high school students in general. I do not think you can find many people my age who are comfortable talking in front of people – anytime or anywhere – in either large or small groups.

My speaking skills have strengthened my confidence to take on leadership roles when working on an event, and to take charge of a group in order to get things accomplished. Every school year, my friends appoint me as the class coordinator of the school’s Lip Sync Competition, which is actually a dance competition between the four grades. My friends and teachers always compliment me on how I am able to take 32 classmates – all with different opinions and personalities – and persuade them all to agree, without coming across as being mean.

I believe my public speaking and leadership qualities will help me to achieve my goals to major in Integrative Public Relations and minor in Leadership. In addition to earning my degree at CMU, I plan to pursue my interest in the university’s volunteer and interdisciplinary programs, and student professional organizations such as the Public Relations Student Society of America. During my visit back in December, I met members of both the Honor’s and Leadership Programs. I was so thrilled that CMU offers programs where I can continue to grow and build on the professional and personal skills I’ve gained in high school.

It was also exciting to see that so many students share a lot of my same interests. The Integrative Public Relations degree is what initially sparked my interest in becoming a Chippewa, however the confirmed my decision to attend Central Michigan University. In regards to the Honors Program, I believe I have a lot to offer. The planning and organizational skills I’ve learned by coordinating events through student council and the National Honor Society will help as I work with other members to create and plan fundraising and campus events.

My confidence in speaking to large or small audiences will be helpful during classroom discussions or in working with a small team on a class or honor’s program project. Being involved with athletics has taught me a lot about commitment and teamwork, especially how to work well with many different personality types and levels of play. All of these skills will help me in many other areas such as: meeting my new dorm mates, working with fellow students and Honor’s Program members in class or on special events, and ultimately as I earn my degree and begin my new career.

Last, but not at all the least, I have a great family. There are four of us – my parents, my little sister, and me. My sister, Sarah, is a freshman at my high school. We haven’t attended the same school since I was in first grade, so its fun to be in school together. I’m looking forward to playing with her on the varsity soccer team this year before I graduate. Family and friends are very important to me, and I love spending time with them. School is also an important thing in my life, and I do work hard to achieve what I need to, to reach my future goals.

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