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Public Relations Career Outline Essay

  • Job Title
  • Public Relations Specialist, Communication Specialist, Media Specialist
  • Employment Settings

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  • Public relations jobs are available all throughout sports. This is one of the primary reasons why this specific job category is such a good one. Some available options in this field include working with a sports team directly or working with a public relations firm that deals with sports teams. Public relations opportunities are available in all areas of the country.
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Entry Level Positions

Tons of opportunities exist within the market, especially at entry level. According to Steven R. Van Hook, who runs a public relations job website, “Job opportunities in Public Relations will remain strong in the upcoming years, so predicts the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Growth in PR jobs is expected to increase at a higher rate than the average for all other jobs combined” (Van Hook). This type of job growth is a good sign for the sports based public relations job industry, as this field is becoming more important to sports teams and individual athletes.

  • Middle Management Positions

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Job opportunities at the management level are harder to come by, and they are highly dependent upon what sort of firm one chooses to work with. As with many fields in the sports management industry, promotions are difficult to attain. They depend mostly upon networking within the industry. Upper management positions are high paying and extremely rewarding, but there are not many of these positions available.

  • Upper Level Jobs

The top public relations professionals have long standing relationships with teams and players that they are able to use in order to attain new clients and work out problems with the media.

  • Career Detail
  • Career Qualities

There are lots of different qualities that a public relations specialist must have in order to be successful. Among those is the one that Rediff.com says is the single most important thing for a PR specialist to have. An article by Kirthi states, “What’s really important in a PR professional is a thirst for knowledge. Everyday, you are learning something different. Today you are talking about a certain sport, tomorrow it is a corporate, the day after it is lifestyle, on the fourth day it is about food and wine” (Kirthi). In addition to those things, a person interested in a career in public relations must have an extroverted personality and the ability to handle people efficiently. That is the quality at the heart of PR work, so it is ultimately the most important thing.

  • Potential Work Hours

The public relations field requires workers to put in long hours if they choose to work in sports. The job of a PR specialist never ends, as a client could have a need during any time of the day. The traditional explanation is that workers in public relations will work 2000 hours per year, but most successful individuals go above and beyond this number.

  • Room for Advancement

The public relations field offers ample opportunity to move through the system. There are tons of entry level jobs available and many employers like to hire from within, since that makes the best use of their system and terminology. Lots of firms will look to keep people within their company to help maintain business relationships over the long term. Familiarity is a huge concern in the PR field, so if a person works hard enough, they have a chance to make a move.

  • Educational Preparation
  • Degrees Needed

There are no set requirements for getting a job in public relations, although there are suggested degrees that people should hold if they want to get hired. According to the United States Department of Labor, “There are no defined standards for entry into a public relations career. A college degree combined with public relations experience, usually gained through an internship, is considered excellent preparation for public relations work; in fact, internships are becoming vital to obtaining employment” (USDA). This shows that work experience carries a lot of weight in the field, as practical applications of learned techniques are extremely important.

  • Alternate Preparation
  • Internship

As mentioned previously, more and more job applicants are starting out in internships in order to gain the necessary experience before stepping into the field.

  • Work Experience

Real work experience is also valuable in this field, whether that previous experience comes in PR or not. Work experience requires an individual to work with people in a close environment, which helps develop the skills necessary to work in public relations. This is especially true for the fast moving world of sports, where problems can arise quickly and without warning.

  • Professional Organizations
  • Public Relations Society of American (PRSA)
  • Salary Range
  • Entry Level Salary

According to PayScale.com, the average starting salary for individuals entering the public relations field was $33,139 in 2007 (Payscale.com).

  • Middle Level Salary

Those who have between five and ten years of experience within the field make an average of around $40,000, according to the same website.

  • Twenty Years In

Those people with twenty or more years of experience can plan to make and average of just over $56,000.

  • Current Job Openings in Public Relations
  • Employer: The Landers Group
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Salary: $30,000 – $38,000
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Job Details

This job requires individuals to handle some of the basic public relations and marketing operations for this sports based firm. It is an entry level position, which offers both growth potential and the ability to build networking relationships with the public relations and sports industries.

  • Why is this career for me?

I have a love for working with people and handling tough situations. In addition to that, I have always had a desire to work with sports teams and athletes in some capacity. I have a skill set that would ultimately allow me to be very successful within this business. There is plenty of growth potential and the ability exists for me to make a lasting impact on the world of sports.

  • Plan for the future
  • Short Term Goals

I plan to seek out possible internship positions within this field, which would give me a chance to earn a job within the market once I graduate. In addition, I hope to make as many important contacts within the sports world as I possibly can. Eventually, this should enable me to be successful within the world of public relations going forward.

  • Long Term Goals

After graduation, I hope to take my experience and my degree and find the best job that I possibly can within the public relations field. Since the industry is extremely competitive and requires a lot of hard work in order to be successful, I feel that it is in my best interest to get a quick start. From there, I can develop my public relations skills and go forward with a solid career in the sports world.

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