Public Figure Essay

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Public Figure

A public figure will always be judged no matter what they do. If they do good public will think highly and good of them but if they do something that is immoral or bad they will be condemned. When a public figure often does charity work and help other people, some might think that they are giving back to the community whereas some might think that they are trying to get famous. Nobody should be judged on what they do, sometimes its all just circumstances that we cant avoid.

Private life and private morality should not be mixed with what he or she does to serve for publics interest because everyone have their own private life and private moments and should not be judged for what they do. All of us have our bad times and when they are undergoing their we should not just simply assume things but instead try to think from their point of view instead. When they do good we do not question them but when something bad happens we all make assumptions and start bad mouthing.

Public figures are also humans like any of us is just that the work that they do makes them an easy target for any humiliation. The public should be smart to make judgments about the public figure’s and not get influenced by all the gossip that the media spreads. The press media will say anything as long as they can sell their magazine or paper but we as public should not just simple blindly support them without investigating what is right and what is wrong. When they are affected by all the gossips and rumors that the media spread, how will they want to continue serving the public when we as the public support the media and what they say. The media are not the ones that we turn to when we need help. So in conclusion we should always investigate about something before saying or doing anything. This way, we wont simply hurt or upset anyone.

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