Public education vs. home school Essay

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Public education vs. home school

Deciding which is better between public education and home schooling may often cause a debate. There are similarities between them, such as both being a good source of education for students. However, there are a few differences. For instance, home schooled students may graduate earlier than public schooled students while public school has more to offer. Even though home schooling has an advantage, public education is a better educational experience because of the opportunity, social skill development, and the things a student can learn from being in a class size of more than one. While home school may give a student the opportunity to graduate early, public schooling offers many more memories and opportunities that the students will cherish. When attending public school, students are given the opportunity to earn scholarships to help them further their education and continue working on their talents, depending on which way they earn their scholarship.

They are given different ways to earn them such as playing sports, getting good grades, and being involved in musical activities. A student attending public school gets a chance to make priceless memories that they cannot get back. The ways that they can earn scholarships also play a part in creating memories. It is going to be a great feeling to be able to look back and tell stories to their loved ones. They will want to share how they got trophies and so much school recognition when they were the starting quarterback or the number one batter on the softball team or even the drum major for the high school band. Students also cannot get letterman jackets being homeschooled while the students in public school is able to get their name and their accomplishment patches on their very own letterman jacket. Each year, students are given a yearbook to look back at pictures they took with their friends and the group activities in which they were involved.

There is nothing better than transporting back to the younger days while flipping back through the yearbook as an adult. Also, a certain piece of jewelry can put a smile on the face of an adult as they reminisce. Having a class ring as a souvenir is such a wonderful treasure. Graduating is such a significant accomplishment and students are going to want these memories and something to show for their achievements. Some students do not think having a diploma is not enough. It does not get better than having a class ring to go along with scholarships, letterman jackets, yearbooks, and the cap and gown. When students attend public school, they are learning life lessons, and while they do not realize it, it pays off in the future. Knowing how to be around all kinds of different people on the daily basis is very beneficial to the students as they develop. Students that are home schooled are not around unfamiliar people, such as new students, new teachers, others that are different from them, and substitutes on a daily basis and this can affect them socially.

There will be students that do not get along and students that have to work in groups who may not be too fond of each other, but being in public school will help those students learn how to cope with uncomfortable situations. In the outside world and the future workplace, there will be similar situations, and they will be able to apply the skills that they learned in school to these situations. Having social skills is not just about having friends, it is about knowing how to speak to anybody the proper way at any given time. Having good social skills and knowing how to speak is going to follow the students in their futures. For example, when they go apply for a job, and they are offered an interview right on the spot, they need to know what to say and how to say it. Home schooled students are limited while public schooled students are benefiting quite well from this daily, making public school the better place for students to get an education.

A lot of people might say that having a class size of one will help the student learn better and more than the students in a classroom of an average of about twenty-eight people. However, there are a few things that the students can learn from being in a class size of more than one. Patience is one of them. In a class size of one, students are only used to being by themselves and being answered right on the spot. In classrooms of more than one, on the other hand, the students learn patience when they have to wait for their turn. They also learn how to be patient with other students. Not knowing how to be patient can create a sense of selfishness which can give them somewhat of a bad image in the real world. The students also learn how to work in groups with different people that carry different attitudes and personalities. Patience and good social skills can help get through a group project. When working in groups, it can be difficult, especially when every student of the group has their own ideas and do not know how to handle the situation in a cordial manner.

The work has to get done, and them knowing how to work together is going to go a very long way. There may be a time when a student meets someone in public that could give them a big opportunity. A student that knows how to speak in a professional tone instead of being shy will have a good chance of getting the chance to take advantage of that opportunity. Public school will teach more lessons than home school giving the students an advantage when it is time to handle different situations in life. Having a class size of one is okay. However, students need to learn how to work around and with others and still get their work done. Students will appreciate the memories they can create and other opportunities that they can earn from getting a public education. The educational experience is more than just learning the school’s curriculum. Being home schooled can teach a student the curriculum along with basic things that they would learn at home while public education can teach more than just that such as life lessons that they will need in the future.

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