Public displays of Affection essay Essay

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Public displays of Affection essay

Is public displays a creative way of expressing young youths expressions of the world? Through this project I am investigation the meanings behind public displays whether it is right or wrong. There are many opinions that places public displays in a negative way, which many people would believe that it is way of damaging public properties. However Public displays brings a variety of meanings in a way of introducing colours that changes the mood of someone perception of the world. Colours that are used in public displays, in other words graffiti inspires many young street artists to overcome their fear and be spontaneous with their public views. I have chosen this particular topic because I want to discover the truth behind graffiti and why people have chosen to express their feelings through art instead of speaking out their minds. This is interesting as graffiti is a reflection on the relationship between art and society as society has the ability to change the boundaries and walls which defines what is art.

Many people should start accepting that graffiti is art as it is a way of exploring different expressions through individuals. As being a young youth myself, I have begun my research by taking photos of street art in London and explored different colours and shapes. Whilst taking photos of public displays, I was inspired at each design as it brought out much interpretation both positive and negative of their views on society. This led me to take photos on young youth at my own school and display them as a way of showing how young youth behave in today`s society.

During the start of my project, I have looked at many street artists and the one that inspired me the most is Banksy. Banksy explores a variety of shapes and meanings and expresses his political view in an artistic and creative way. What makes Banksy so different than other street artist is that he combines dark humour with graffiti and this is done in a distinctive stencilling technique. Through this project I would like to follow Banksy technique and combine it with my own work. By the end of the project, I would want to find out the meaning behind the public displays and the problems that many youth individuals face which are presented through street art.

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