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Public and Private Schools Essay

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There are many advantages and disadvantages to both public and private schools. As a parent, both options must be explored and the choice must be based on what is right for each particular child.  Public schools often have a larger variety of subjects available, especially when it comes to electives. However, what is learned is somewhat decided by the state because public schools need to do well on standardized testing. Private schools, on the other hand, whether parochial or private have much more freedom of choice in curriculum and can choose to make their own assessments.

Because of the individualized instruction, private schools tend to do generally better on standardized testing, that is, if they choose to use it. Private schools, many times, have more demanding curricula and have a higher rate of students who go on to attend college.

Public schools are larger and also have larger class sizes. Public schools also have larger student-teacher ratios. According to a web site called Public School Review, “Private schools average 13 students per teacher, compared with an average of 16 students per teacher in public schools” (publicschoolreview).

However, public schools have certified teachers. Private schools typically have teachers who are not state-certified and who may not have expertise in their subject matter.  The biggest difference between public and private schools probably is that public schools are required to educate all students.

They cannot deny any student admission. On the other hand, private schools have complete control about who they accept and can kick students out much more easily.  Public schools are funded by tax revenue whereas private schools are funded privately. That means private schools cost money to attend called tuition. Taxpayers pay for public schools so the payment is included in what people pay. However in private schools, the payment is upfront for students to attend. Overall, there is no one right answer for which kind of school a student attends—public or private. The decision must be made for each individual student as there are advantages and disadvantages of both.

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