Public agencies Essay

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Public agencies

A child’s social awareness and development are necessary to aid him/her to face the reality of life. In accordance to that, a parent has a vital role to be played in helping his/her children to attain this knowledge through experiential or hands-on learning. But in reality, not all things could be learned inside a house or even inside the classroom. That was why different public agencies are strongly advisable to parents who need reinforcements in teaching their children about mental retardation, social living, transition, and developing their vocational skills.

Below is a list of some public agencies that could help parents bring out the best in their children and the reasons why they are strongly recommended. First, I would like to recommend to parents to bring their child in this agency called Vision Quest. Vision Quest has run a long way for nearly 35 years. They have their distinct way of reaching out to the youth. According to Robert Burton, the founder and chairman of Vision Quest, “In Vision Quest programs, young people find themselves surprised, challenged, inspired, and sometimes confused but always growing.

It’s the path to a new start. ” Moreover, they use a very practical approach which concerns primarily with ethics and values. They make learning and discovery a fun thing to do, which in turn earns them a long term result. Furthermore, this agency has already passed and made a positive result to the evaluation conducted by different well-trusted organizations such as Rand Corporation, the Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judges Commission, the State of California Auditor General’s Office, the Allegheny court system, and the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Study of Youth Policy.

I would also highly recommend the Youth Communication agency. This agency has the main goal of hearing and understanding the youth of today because they believe that these young people have their own ideas, solutions, and concerns about the society. They develop newsmakers, news writers, make new stories, discover talents and flaunt a child’s full potential. These provide the parents the knowledge of their child’s emotions and skills. Another good choice is the Variety Club of Illinois. This helps physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged youth nowadays.

They keep their responsibility and assist parents in their child’s physical activities. They have a mobility program called “Kids on the go” wherein they provide physical activities that require a lot of movement and socialization. These are great chances to mold a child’s productivity. On the other hand, Association House Agency is also highly recommended. It aims to educate, train, and provide child welfare, mental health, and recovery services. This agency teaches children different vocational skills, art crafts and assists with special Olympics that children would enjoy.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago is another agency of great choice. This agency has the main purpose of inspiring and enabling young children most especially those children who undergo disadvantaged circumstances to realize their worth and their full potential as concerned citizens. Also, a child should also learn different social skills which would be very useful in becoming a productive and law-abiding citizen in the near future. With that, Zion Temple Educational Center could accompany parents in teaching these skills.

This agency helps elementary students attain good academic standing while enjoying recreational activities. This would be a very big help to parents because learning I guess, is easier when you are having fun. Abraham Lincoln Hope Headstart is an agency designed to help children be successful in the fields they are to take, promotes positive thinking, and provides enjoyable creative experiences. This helps parents in molding their child’s community responsibility and provides an educational setting for experiential purposes.

Another helpful public agency is Brain Boosters. This helps children increase their self-esteem and be a sociable person, improve study habits and gain high grades, and the social skills to make him a good citizen of the US. They provide skillbuilding activities that bring out a child’s full potential. These goals are also reflected by this agency called South Side Help Center. This also aims to develop a child’s social skills that could help him get all along his daily living.

Moreover, this also enhances a child’s potential of being a good leader through some constructive activities. And lastly, I would like to recommend the School of Art Institute. This agency helps parents in discovering their child’s creative side and aesthetics. This also gives an opportunity to aspiring young artists. I believe that all the agencies mentioned above could be of great help in each parent’s role of guiding, molding, and developing his/her child’s physical and mental capacity and to lead their children in the right path.

These agencies could all divert children’s attention into a more productive and significant activities. Parents have their choice of watching their children’s growth and well-being. If all parents would just realize how significant these public agencies are, their children will never go wrong and children of today will less probably possess risky behaviors. Also, most probably, through practice and daily experiences, these activities would be developed as hobbies.

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