Public Affairs relations project revised Essay

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Public Affairs relations project revised

Bisker PLC Company is a well established company which deals basically with manufacture of vanish and different polymers. It has created job opportunities within that region. The only problem that it faces is a lot of complains from the local people and authority over the pollutants which it emits to the environment. A lot of money has been spent by this company in trying to solve this issue. Bisker want to expand its company to meet market demand but it fears the risk of pollution since it will expand the company next to a recreational centre.

Through strict regulations, the company has been able to maintain safety standard within the area. So during their three months planning period, they want to come up with public relations programs which will help them to manage their strategies in order to meet the standards of operation in the best way. Therefore, the company should assume that, through proper management of public affair relations, the company can operate to the best without complains from the local community or politicians since their waste and pollutants will be well managed.

Identification of problems. The major problems that the company face are that of smell pollution and noise. This has lead to management receiving a number of complains from the local politicians and residents. Through, their management skills the management has fitted the company with fitters which will help in filtering all the pollutants and this can hence reduce the risk of environmental pollution within the area.

In fixing up this problem, the company has resulted to substantial use of money so that the problem can be fixed. Another problem that the company face is the issue of expansion of their company which they anticipate that they will receive mixed reaction from the people within and also the local politicians since they fear the risk of bad smell and noise from the company. This can be experienced since the extension of company will be near woodland which is secured for the local community recreation.

This has created fear of investing large amount of money which is meant to be inverted in this extension and in environmental improvement to reduce the risk of pollution. Pollution problems need to be addressed since the area is usually inspected regularly to determine pollution rate and in case the inspectors come up with a high figure of rate of pollution it can lead to closure of the company despite the large amount of money that they spend. All these problems are brought about by their plans being designed and implemented by small management team.

If the company’s problems are managed by the public relations team better solutions can be sought which will enable the company to manage most of its issues publicly and more also it can be at a better position of solving its problems in a better manner through public relation. When these problems are identified, various public relations strategies can be employed by the company so that it can come up with distinct measures which can be addressed these problems and solving them. Quite a number of public relations strategies need to be employing so that the management will deal with the problems at reduced cost.

The cost incurred in these management strategies can hence be reduced through proper establishment of public relations strategies. The company is also faced with emission of excessive noise which the local residents have always complained about. To deal with this problem, the company can use noise proof materials which can trap some of the noise that comes from the industry. Through this the company can enhance its extension which will lead to increase in market shares since they would not be facing a lot of objection from the local community.

With the problem of pollution from the company local people who are the main workers in the industry are faced with great risk of acquiring infectious from the aerosols which are emitted from industry. Safety measures should be taken within the industry which ensures that the welfare of employees is taken care of so that the company will not be faced with the problem of lack of staff. After extension of plants life, the 12 jobs which will be created means that the company need to spend extra money in ensuring that the welfare of the added employees is taken care of so that they can be safe at work.

Public Relations. The public relations and public communication plans aims at developing aims and objectives of the company which they can operate on. These strategies helps in getting the solution of problems that are faced by the company. In solving the problems that the company face, public relations manager should ensure that they involve professionals who are quite conversant with way forward of dealing with these problems. Experienced personnel who are aware of the most problems that the company face can come up with relative measures that the company can apply so that they can be at a point of dealing with their issue.

Their strategies should be focused on the way forward to reduce the problem of pollution so that the local residents will be free with the expansion of company to create enough opportunity of the company to maximize its profit and at the same time to take care of the interest of the local community so that they risk of pollution can be reduced. Therefore, personnel who deal with the issue of making plans for companies, once hired they should ensure all the problems are addressed including that of safety standard which are usually inspected regularly so that they can meet the safety standards which are needed by the inspecting body.

These safety measures when well employed can result to good standards of the company which will hence help it in retaining its market shares. During their public plans implementation, the company should ensure that they involve local residents and politicians in their plans implementation since with the views of the people who are affected; they can understand the major problem and put into consideration their view in regard on how to eliminate the problems.

People who are adversely affected by the problems are in a batter position of coming up with the solutions in regard to the problem. By involving the society, the social aspect of the company will be boosted since it will have incorporated a social way of dealing with issues. The management of the company in their effort to involve the society, they should make them to understand the benefits of the company i. e. the way the company is contributing to economical and social growth in the region.

They can also view the benefits that they experience from the products of the company. Apart from this, community need to be made aware of the measures that the company need to put in place of dealing with problems which the local community are facing as a result of pollution and noise. Problems with the company can be dealt with them fully when the company need to shift from small management team to public so that they can deal with the issue at public level because the problem need to be fully addressed.

With a bigger management, the company can hence increase its market share and expand greatly which will increase its marketability. The company acquire good reputation when it ensures that all the strategies that it applies are considerable to everyone and that they are not carrying out their practices against the wish of the local people and the leaders. Minimum resources can be used by the company when they use proper public relations scheme and experienced employees in dealing with the management problem.

By establishing proper committee for managing the company expansion strategies, less expense can be experienced. Noise being another major problem in the region need to be addressed by the company. The management should use their public relations skill to deal with the problem. They should first carry out research from the local residents so that they can advise them on way forward of dealing with the issue of pollution. Local residents can give their relative views which the company can hence implement to reduce the risks of noise pollution.

Plan Tactics. In company’s plan tactics the company need to address all the problems that they are currently facing before expansion of the company, how they have tried to solve them and how successful they were. Therefore, in company’s plan tactics, they should aim at coming up with various strategies to ensure that the problems are fully solved. Some of the tactics which need to be implemented include: solving the problem of pollution and noise so that the public recreation place remain safe and the industry can continue with its operations.

This can be solved by use of filters and noise proof materials which will prevent interference in the environment. The tactic to deal with the claims from the public relations should be two way and responsive this will implementations which need to be put in place. Implementations are best carried out when they are carried out in two perspectives since measures will be taken in regard to both sides. Both management and the local community should be open and honest to one another so that they can share information freely so that all the problems can be addressed fairly without any side being humiliated.

The local residents should receive letters from the company which usually alert them of the way forward that the company want to employ their tactics in dealing with pollution. By doing this the local resident will recognize the efforts of the company and therefore they can try in assisting them on how to deal with the issue. The management can also come up with bill board whereby they can notify the community on their strategies of dealing with various issues of pollution. In questionnaire, the company get the views of the community in regard to what they want to be implemented so that they can feel safe.

Questionnaire can be very helpful also to the general public which is affected by the risk of pollution the public can give their views in regard to the way they view the management strategies so that after assessing their views they can determine implementations which are needed so that the life of community is not at risk of any form of pollution. The company can reduce the risk of environmental and noise pollution by having double windows which will ensure that the amount of pollutants emitted from the company does not interfere with the environment but rather the pollutant are controlled within the company setup.

Therefore, the company should ensure that all measures required are implemented so that the issues which are put forward for the interest of the community. Letters should be sent to the local residents so that they can be notified on ways that the company is trying to come up with so that they can reduce the risk of pollution within the environment which has been the major threat to the community.

The community can hence realize that the company is doing its best to safeguard the welfare of employees. Time Consideration In time consideration, it should be entirely done according to the above tactics. The first thing which should be done is sending the letter to the local residents notifying them on their plans to expand the company and the efforts that they are putting in place to ensure that the issue of pollution will be minimized.

The management should come up with various ways of ensuring that management strategies are carried out at the right time and taking into consideration the number of people who will benefit from these strategies. After taking care of tactics, then public relations plans should be initiated immediately after the plans for expanding the company are drafted and the public relations manager have come up with various ways of dealing with the needs of the company.

Time is very crucial in public relations because it ensure that all the management strategies are carried out at the right time which will contribute greatly in planning. Proper timing of these management strategies will ensure that the managerial strategies on the way to expand the company are carried out in the right way. Time is quite crucial in public relations because it can be used to rate how fast or slow the implementations are taking place.

Implementations which need to be considered are those of dealing with the problem that the company face. When these implementations are carried out is very crucial since proper timing will ensure that all the aspects which need to be incorporated in the plan are addressed. Before the three months time which the management need in order to get permission for planning, they should have organized various methods that they need to apply in their public relations skills which will enable their plans to be known by the public within a short time.

According to the case of Bisker industry implementation of the public relations plan will take a short time since to start with they have to apply to the local authority to be allowed to continue with their plans for expanding their company. This will take place after a short duration of three months time. After permission is granted, more time will be spent in ensuring that the objectives of company expansion are known to the general public.

Since the company hired public relations firm to carry on with public relations strategies is a good idea and since the firm is experienced it will handled so many public relations strategies initially, the project is anticipated to take a short time to be fully completed. After implementation of public relations strategies for public relations, the company will be able to reach out to a big number of individuals through public awareness since after implementation of these strategies it will be able to move from small management team to public.

After this awareness of public, move individuals can be reached through media. Media awareness will be created by advertising for their commodities. Advertisements are meant to reach a big number of individuals. Therefore, public relations and communication plans will ensure that all the problems that are facing company are addressed and solutions sought by qualified personnel. Plans will be carried through at appropriate time and since the strategies are well managed.

These strategies can hence be used to plan for the management progress of the company including plans undertaken which are meant for expanding the company and its operations fully. Duration of time that the plans takes determines the affectivity of plans since planning need to be given enough time which will ensure that all strategies and plans are fully taken care of within a considerable time period.

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