PTLLS Assignment. The teaching and training cycle Essay

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PTLLS Assignment. The teaching and training cycle

|Using the teaching and training cycle |Identifying needs and planning | |as a model, discuss one responsibility|One role/ responsibility of a teacher is to initially assess the students in order to identify their current skills; their preferred learning styles and any barriers or| |which would come under each part of |challenges to learning. This will enable the teacher to plan lessons according to the needs of the learners and in accordance with organisational policies and | |the cycle. |procedures. | | | | | |Designing | | |

One role/ responsibility of a teacher is to prepare teaching and learning resources and activities. This will usually involve designing a scheme of work, session plans | | |and appropriate materials and resources suitable to the level and needs of the learners. | | | | | |Facilitating | | |One role/ responsibility of a teacher is to use a variety of teaching and learning materials and approaches to motivate, engage and encourage learning in an appropriate| | |and professional manner. | | | | | |Assessing | | |It is the role / responsibility of a teacher to assess learners’ progress in accordance with the requirements of the awarding organisation. The teacher does this by | | |preparing realistic assessment materials (both formative and summative) and by giving feedback to the learners on what has been done correctly and what needs to be | | |improved on. | | | | | |Evaluating | | |It is the role/ responsibility of the teacher to reflect on the teaching and learning process.

This involves reflecting on the weaknesses and strengths of the lesson | | |plans, the resources and the actual delivery with the aim of improving the teaching and learning process. The reflection is usually done by the teacher after each | | |lesson and sometimes by students/other teachers. | |Discuss 2 professional boundaries you |I would need to remain in control, be fair and ethical with all my students and not demonstrate any favouritism towards particular students. For example, I should not | |would need to maintain. |give one student more support than I give to the others. | | | | | |

I would need to remain professional when in contact with other co-workers within the organisation and not to overstep the boundary of my role as a teacher. For example,| | |if something goes wrong with the electrical system while I am teaching, I should not try to fix this myself but rather I should call the electrical crew. | |Give 2 examples of when you might need|Two examples of when I might need to refer a learner for him/her to get needed support are: | |to refer a learner in order for them |The learner is being abused in any form. | |to get needed support. |The learner has depression issue that is affecting his/her learning process.
| |List 2 responsibilities you have in |Two responsibilities I have in respect to other professionals I work with are: | |respect to other professionals you |I should ensure that all my administrative work such as class register; students’ assessment records are up to date. | |will work with. |I should ensure that I complete my lessons within the scheduled time so that the next teacher can start his/her lesson on time. |

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