Psychosocial stage of development Essay

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Psychosocial stage of development

According to Erickson’s psychosocial stage of development my age lies under the fourth stage i. e. industry versus inferiority. This stage starts from age 6 to 12 and in this stage a child is shifting from dependent circumstances to more independent circumstances. Like in this stage he becomes more desired to achieve something or to finish his tasks completely. He came out of that age of fantasy and became more responsible because after entering this stage a child starts learning new things, he knows if he’ll do well in school he’ll b admired by his parents as well as other people.

If a child experiences the fulfillment of his achievements basically anything positive or constructive will easily be through by this crisis stage. On other hand he also knows that if he’ll b failed to complete his task then he will face criticism from family and others as well. If a child faces failure at his school responsibilities or even worse than that he is ignored and no one wishes to accept or develop his capabilities and strengths or not given a chance to discover their potentials then it’s quite obvious that a child would feel inferior or low and inadequate to do anything (Myers, 2009).

Psychosocial Stage of Development Influences Behavior and Relationships: As per Erickson’s psychosocial stage of development my behavior and relationships are very much influenced by this theory of Erickson. Influences which can be seen according to Erickson’s psychosocial stage development on me were like when i start going to school at the age of three i have no idea that what will the situations i will be going through. My mind was not big enough to understand these things but as i got into junior high school i came across certain things which I have to handle by myself whether good or bad.

Next thing was my relationship to my peers or companions which is based on some rules like if I am going to play some game like baseball i need a team to play with. This shows that I have developed a strong relationship through teamwork (Myers, 2009). Than if looking to my studies I have a certain group that studies along with me, if we have a homework given we do it regularly by which my behavior patterns got controlled and i get disciplined every year after.

I went through all these things and finally i got hold on how to handle psychosocial crisis because having good relationship with your peer group and develop a good behavior can lead any person to the path of success. And if one person has made good decision at this level then he can easily be cautious about taking decisions on next levels or can say that he’ll easily be industrious (Cash, 2002). Positive Influence of Psychosocial Stage of Development: Positive influences which come out of my psychosocial stage development were that i have strong bond made between me and my peer group because we use to play and study and study together.

By doing this we came across many victories which made us proud and give a sense of satisfaction that we can do something that can be appreciated by our families and other people as well. As this is the middle age in which a child wants to do things by his will without interfering of others. At my academic level things have been very positive for me as there is full support of my parents by which i have developed certain skill at my own. Like if you talk about behaviour i have made a timetable and put things which are suitable for me to do at certain time frame.

My behaviour towards my studies would also be considered positive because i got support from my parents and also from my teachers which helped me in many ways(Cash,2002). Negative Influence of Psychosocial Stage of Development: Talking about negative influence of my psychosocial stage of development there are certain things which made me feel inferior when i was in the middle childhood stage were that when in school teacher used to say that you have to finish your lunch even if I am not that much hungry which made me feels awful many times.

Regarding this food stuff which at my home also has been an issue for me was that in that middle childhood stage i use to see my mom cooking different cuisines for our family. Sometimes i also feel like to cook something for my family but my mother always use to lower my enthusiasm by telling me that I am too small to cook. This have been left a very negative impact on me and that’s why i still don’t know how to cook food properly because somewhere in my mind I have this complex that if I will cook something it would not be worth it(Cash,2002).

Other Developmental Issues Influenced My Personality: Other development issues influenced my personality in such a way that when i was born i. e. when I am in the stage of trust versus mistrust, although i was too small to know that what happened with me at that time but looking to myself i can say that my family or my parents have taken very good care of me, because i don’t see any many negative points in my personality and it’s all because of my parents. The example of trust can be given that how much I am close to my parents.

Next stage would be autonomy versus shame and doubt in which a child develops a sense of being a separate human being and wants attention that everyone knows him individually. Regarding this stage there are some negative aspects of my personality that after reaching to an age of three i still was not able to go to toilet by myself because i was not properly trained. So at that time this bring me shame that kids of my age are toilet trained but I am not. But on the other hand i was very much trained to do mess while I am having my food which helps me a lot handle spoon in my hand on my own.

After that another stage come which is initiative versus guilt in which a child starts taking decision of his own that whether he wants to eat or not or what things he should do. This is the age which is also known as play age, when a child starts going to pre-school or nursery. In this age a child wants to start doing things on its own or wants to take risks. Like in this stage a child starts going to school and there he learns different things and skills. Like I have said my academic time has helped me a lot to develop my personality (Cash, 2002).

If I have to experiment something which help me further then my teacher encourages me to excel my abilities and this helped me a lot in taking decisions in my afterlife. Regarding the stage which I have picked i. e. industry versus inferiority these above developments have influenced my personality till my middle childhood stage (Cash, 2002). Conclusion: If i have to say that how much influenced erickson’s psychosocial stage of development has made then to me its 90% correct that whatever he gives the theory can help people to understand their children if they are facing difficulties regarding their mood, behavior or actions.

Through his theory people should know that a child cannot be treated forcefully he should get full time to develop himself. It’s been seen that people who went through the crisis of their early adulthood and resolved them successfully, they who are also successful in their adolescence.

REFERENCES Myers, D. G. (2009). Psychology. Worth Publishers Cash, A. (2002). Psychology for Dummies. Hungry Minds Books

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