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Psychosocial Orientation to Sexuality

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Environment has always been one of the major factors affecting our decisions and personality. Psychologists say its either “nurture” or “nature” which determines our personalities as we grow up. Nevertheless, our sexuality is also part of who we are. How we act or think in regard to sexual issues is also developed as we mature into adolescents. Various social factors affect a person’s sexuality. Primarily, it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that their children are properly educated about sex.

As a kid, I was oriented by my parents and older relatives that sex is a process designed by the heavens to unite married couples so they can procreate. As a young Christian, I have this notion that I was conceived by this process and only couples who were united by marriage have the permission from God to perform them. Talking about sex at home was actually limited if not restricted. There was a certain uneasiness enveloping the ones belonging in a conversation where a I would suddenly bring it up.

It was awkward in a way that my parents believed I was not ready yet to comprehend the real nature of sex. However, I guess sexuality is an inescapable issue amongst children who are beginning to notice changes and differences between their private parts and their playmates’. A friend of the opposite sex definitely has dissimilar body parts than me. It has always been fun to explore and observe friends’ parts especially when it is in a group.

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Of course, not until we reached the 11th year of our age. Suddenly, things were getting too awkward for us.

My playmates were starting to get aloof. Others have stopped invitations to look and some just plainly said, “My mom said they’re private. ” How the privacy of such thing has never occurred to me until I was able to see certain pars of my body grow. Most of my physical parts were getting weirder each day and they did not feel comfortable at all. One of the huge factors which influence my sexuality is the depiction of sex in the television. Media have absolutely bombarded me with concepts that are in direct contrast to my early education of sex.

Television series, movies, reality shows, magazines and even anime shows are transparent in portraying sexual activities as normal between two people in a relationship. Sometimes even same-sex relationships. Pornography is also widespread in our society today which I believe has a great impact on the fact that teenagers today in America are sexually active. In my case, it is reasonable to admit that I have my shares of hidden fantasies and desires but one good thing that I am proud of is that I am able to control them in a decent way.

Religion also plays a major part in expressing one’s sexuality. It is widely know that Christianity does not allow couples outside marriage to have sexual intercourse. Pre-marital sex is a sin and is not tolerated by the Church. Contraceptives are also not encouraged therefore, if I were to ask how I think religion has affected my sexuality; I would claim that it did not lessen or eliminate my sexual desires rather it remained as a mere reason to control it and repress it. The topic of sexuality is widespread among religious, social and political debates.

It comprises of a general idea which is too sensitive to be disregarded easily. However, I believe that one has his/her own rights towards his/her sexuality but are limited to what the law constitutes. A person can be gay, lesbian or bisexual but the mere idea that a person’s sexuality is being developed and identified with different names shows that it is a psychological issue that needs to be studied more thoroughly. It is a subject too complex that must also be given enough education and protection from families and authorities.

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