Psychopharmacology Paper Essay

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Psychopharmacology Paper

The study of psychopharmacology delves into the alterations in human thinking, mood, and behavior as result of inducing drugs – how psychoactive substances are employed by people to change their moods.  The field involves research and study into the effects of numerous kinds and types of substances, and how it would impact on the psychological behavior of the individual.

  Not merely elaborating the ramifications of the use of recreational drugs, the study can be a particularly helpful mechanism in determining how certain drugs can alleviate psychological diseases, like mental disorder.  The substances’ psychoactive relation with brain response and the bio-chemical implications are part and parcel of psychopharmacology.  The psychoactive drugs can be obtained from a wide range of sources, natural and synthetic. These substances interact with the nervous system, and would elicit behavioral and psychological alterations in an individual.

            The positive aspects of psychopharmacology are mainly its positive clinical effects that allow people with mental disabilities to lead lives that are normal – through the help of drugs like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety.  Also, it allows psychologists to investigate a wide range of behavior-altering substances that can be utilized for clinical purposes that can help countless patients.  Since psychopharmacology would extensively analyze drug effects, then it can suitably identify which substances can be utilized for public use and cure mental and psychological patients. It is an important aspect of mental health that allows for research and development of the field.

            Conversely, the study has also several identified drawbacks, like the ramifications of drug testing which ultimately would involve humans.  Human testing can have unforeseen implications which can prove to be detrimental to the mental health of the test subject.  A certain drug to be able to be consumed in the market has to go through a tedious process of research and approval by the government, to ensure public safety of the drug use.


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