Psychology Essay Topics

Will Demonstrate My Knowledge and Understanding of the Contribution to Qualitative Research to Psychology

This essay will demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of the contribution to qualitative research to Psychology through the discussion of published qualitative research. Firstly, what is qualitative research and how does this differ from qualitative research? According to Smith “Qualitative analysis is concerned with describing the constituent properties of an entity” whereas “Qualitative analysis is… View Article

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology

Having culture as a field of psychology makes sense because culture plays a significant role in everyday life. Culture allows someone to define who they are how they survive. Expressions of who one is can be done in many ways, by behavior, appearance, and language. Without culture, one’s human nature would rely on instinct to… View Article

Cognitive Behavioral Theory

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a short-term, problem-centered therapy that is used to address psychopathology within the individual (Beck, 1995). This model of therapy is used to address issues of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relational problems, and drug abuse, and can be utilized when working with individuals, as well as within group and family modalities…. View Article

Cognitive- behavioural approaches to counselling

This essay is written to compare the counselling relationship in person-centred and cognitive-behavioural counselling by outlining both the theory and practice of the counselling relationship. This will be done by outlining the theory of the counselling relationships and the theory in practice. Both person-centred and cognitive-behavioural counselling are widely recognised, successful treatments. There are however… View Article

Identifying Perspectives in Psychology

Part: 1 Case Study #1: In neurobiological perspective of psychology, biologists like, Weber and van Helmholtz believe that the endocrine or nervous system is related to behavior. Mrs. B is feeling depressed because something is affecting her nervous system. Her body isn’t producing enough serotonin to control her moods and emotions. A humanistic perspective focuses… View Article

Diversity and Cross-Cultural Trends in psychology and Counseling

Psychology has always been known to be the educated study about human behavior. For a long time now, psychology though has been expanding its social impact to the people that it aims to serve. Primarily, it is now utilized to understand the ways by which people could be assisted with their personal issues and thus… View Article

Life Span Perspective

The definition of a person’s lifespan is from the moment that they are conceived to the moment that they pass away. The development of this life is defined through the various stages in which that person develops. When a person is looking at the perspective of this lifespan development, they are trying to understand what… View Article

Cognitive Interventions

The only thing that tells everyone apart from everyone else is each person’s genetic make-up. And there is only one exception and that would identical twins, because no two people are the same. This can be said true about the way we all think. There is no one person that thinks the same as the… View Article

Case Study Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal behavior relates to the influence of psychological factors, biological factors as well as the social factors referring to inadequate relationships. In the face of diverse definition, abnormal behavior refers to the deviating from norm, which norm is the typical behavior or characteristic of the population. As such, Jim behavior is abnormal because it violates… View Article

Counselling Psychology

From the term’s meaning itself, “existence” is the primary keyword that identifies the idealisms imposed through understanding the deep meaning of existential personality. It could not be denied then that unlike other theories of psychology and human behavior, existential personality theory has not been founded by any prominent personality in the field of human sciences,… View Article

Experimental Psychology

Remembering has to do with being able to recall information, being able to retrieve information kept in the log-term memory. Forgetting occurs when information that was encoded and kept in a person’s long-term memory is lost. This may occur gradually or spontaneously. Repeating or reviewing information reduces forgetting rates. Theories of forgetting include cue-dependent forgetting,… View Article

Professional Identity

Angelle Hobbs Joanna is a 16-year-old eleventh grader, the oldest of four children. Her best friend had died suddenly of leukemia the previous year. Presently, Joanna’s grades have begun to drop and she cuts class. She feels she should have done more to help her best friend. Joanna’s mother has been contacted for a parent… View Article

Social psychology

The term ‘attitude’ has been referred to as social psychology’s most indispensable concept, and the study of attitudes has dominated social psychology since the 1920s (Allport, 1935, p. 798; McGuire, 1986). In the early 19th century, attitude research was considered to be of such fundamental importance to social psychology that both were thought to be… View Article

Foundations of teaching and learning

I am going to deliver a lesson to my students, which will include the three main schools of learning, Behaviourism, Cognitivism and Humanism. I will incorporate these ways of learning into my lesson plans to ensure my students are offered a range of learning strategies. “The behaviourist learning theory suggests that we learn by receiving… View Article

My Values, Beliefs, Clinical Gestalt with Individuals and Systems

Becoming a successful clinician is like a work in progress, a clinician should never consider it completed. There is always room to learn, to grow, and develop while working in the Human Services field. The knowledge that a clinician learns comes not only from education but also from experiences and time working in the field…. View Article

Founding Fathers of Psychology

These four men that we are about to talk about are some of the, if not the most important people in psychology. One developed psychology as a school of thought and published the first book on the subject which opened the door for another to develop his theories. Years after the book came out another… View Article

The Possible Limitations of Team Building

Team building as an organizational development intervention can have its limitations. The first problem may result from a team leader failing to identify the correct priorities for a team’s attention. (1) The leader may choose to lead the team in a skills-based team building exercise, such as learning how to give criticism or running effective… View Article

Striving for Perfection

Many people strive to become a perfectionist, but becoming a perfectionist takes hard work and dedication. Perfectionist have to be very focus driving because of the mentally challenges that come alone with being perfect. Those who think of perfection as being perfect and immaculate has to understand perfectionist are capable of making mistakes and irrational… View Article

Personal Identity – Philosophy

It is easy to see oneself as the same person we were ten, twenty, or fifty years ago. We can define identity through our physical presence, life experiences, memories, and mental awareness of self. One can testify our persistence as a person through our existence as a person. But what makes us the same person?… View Article

Choking in Sports

In 2007, Reeves, Tenenbaum, and Lidor conducted research in order to study what causes talented athletes to often fail to perform to the best of their abilities when placed under stressful situations. The purpose of the study was to discover whether athletes who participate in self-consciousness training adapt to pressure situations better than players who… View Article

Pyschlogical Analysis of Zombie Apocalypse Survivors

The door slams shut as you force your weight against it. Two people whom you have never met before, merely joined during your sprint, grab the largest object in the room and wedge it in front of the door. A second later the fist of the undead outside pound on the door in attempts to… View Article

The Role of Behavior and Cognition in Learning

Learning is an integral part of psychological development. Many perspectives exist concerning learning. Two areas of interest in psychology concerning learning are behavior and cognition. Two theories that explain fundamental learning is classical conditioning and operant conditioning. These two theories also show the correlations of learning and behavior. Theories concerning the relationship between cognition and… View Article

Abnormal Psychology Maladaptive Behavior

Briefly describe each of the major theoretical perspectives in maladaptive behavior. Which of the perspectives do you believe is the ‘right’ perspective, or is there a ‘right’ perspective? Biological Perspective: Suggests that all disorders physical or behavioral have biological causes. Causes may lie in heredity, genetic accident, or bodily infection, or trauma(Sarason, 2005) Psychodynamic Perspective:… View Article

Behavioral and Social/Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits

Behavioral and Social/Cognitive Approaches to Forming Habits According to the American Psychological Association, “Obesity is a condition marked by excess accumulation of body fat. Genetic factors play a key role in obesity, but so do behavioral factors — especially eating too much and exercising too little. ” Behavioral and social/cognitive theories approach the habit from… View Article

Examination of Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a broad science that involves psychologists ensuring the mental well-being of a patient. Its focus is diagnosing, treating, and if possible, averting psychological disorders. The field of clinical psychology applies to every demographic from young children to the elderly, families or individuals, and one’s socioeconomic status is not a factor in whether… View Article


Psychodynamic: One advantage of psychodynamic therapy is the relationship that is formed between the psychologist and the patient. The patient is able to form trust in the psychologist which makes it easier for them to talk about their problems. Another advantage is the ability for the psychologist to give a human opinion. They can tell… View Article

Mary Whiton Calkins

In the early days of psychology there were few female psychologists who had any type of impact on the field of psychology. There was sex discrimination and it was a common belief that women were inferior to men. Mary Whiton Calkins was able to beat the odds and have a long lasting legacy in psychology…. View Article

Mom Is Most Influential in My Life

People have had someone to influence them in their lifetime at some time or another, but my biggest influence in my life is my mom. I can’t but admire my mom’s strength and her wisdom. I am a strong believer in the saying “like father”, “like son” goes with both genders, however, I do think… View Article

Development and Diversity

When a child is conceived they begin to develop in the mother whom and continue to develop until adulthood. Today we look at these developments and find new ways to teach children that all develop at different rates. Throughout history child development was ignored and little attention was paid to the advantages in their early… View Article