Psychology Essay Topics

Erikson Stages of Development

Eric Erikson was primarily a neoanalytic theorist, and in his contention, one’s ego interacts constantly with other individuals within the society, and can be affected by them, as also by the prevalent culture of his society, and ‘Ego’, in this case, refers to an individual’s sense of his own self and his core personality. One… View Article

Theoretical Framework of Sex Education

The youth (15-24 years) is a stage in the life cycle of a human being which is most vulnerable to the influences of socializing agents. Although modern psychologists underscore the importance of early childhood socialization in the later development of the human personality (Freud, 1939), social psychologists maintain that the self and therefore, personality is… View Article

Community Illness Solution

There has been an odd rise in similar and extensive illnesses in not only adults but children as well. This is becoming quite a concern for many of the residents in this community because that just means a rise in their chances of catching the illness to. If our community does not resolve the problem… View Article

Left For Dead

It was a horrific experience that I would never want to go through again. At first it was just a normal night, a little rough but nothing too major. We were just off the coast of Leyte and Guam when we were hit by two missiles. At first I was just lying in bed and… View Article

Psychology Phases

             Psychology primarily has different fields and can be given meaning through each field: Developmental which deals with studies about human mental and physical growth from conception to death, Physiological psychology which investigates the biological basis of human behavior. Experimental psychology which uses psychological processes such as learning, memory, perception, sensation, cognition, motivation and emotion,… View Article

Psychology Articles

1. Glazer, H. R., Clark, M. D., & Stein, D. S. (2004). The Impact of Hippotherapy on Grieving Children. Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing 6(3), 171-175. This article is a study on the effects of hippotherapy or therapeutic riding on grieving children affected by the death of a family member. The topic focuses on… View Article

Political Psychology

Rape victims, survivors of plane crashes, combat veterans, and others who have experienced extremely traumatic events may react emotionally with a posttraumatic stress disorder. This reaction is characterized by involuntary reexperiencing of the traumatic events, especially the original feelings of shock, horror, and fear, in dreams or flashbacks. In addition, victims experience an emotional numbing… View Article

Gary Klein and William Glasser Doctors

Psychology, according to Webster’s Dictionary is the study of mind and behavior in relation to a particular field of knowledge or activity.  This is a wide open field, with hundreds of theories and practices. It’s daunting to compare them and utilize their benefits to an individual.  Psychologists based on patients needs have to decide what… View Article

Groups vs Individuals

‘Individuals will complete a task more efficiently and effectively than a group. And training in group dynamics, whilst interesting, has no practical value as a means of increasing the standard of group performance’ (Mullins, 2007, p296). Essay This essay is going to examine the main differences between the work of individuals and the work of… View Article

Biological Psychology

Abstract Psychology has its own biological boundaries. This is in the form of biological psychology or behavioral neuroscience. The main aim of this branch in psychology is to have a clearer picture of the relationship of the mind and body, and mind and brain. It tries to link the brain functions to the different mental… View Article

Zeigarnik Effect

The Zeigarnik Effect is named after the Russian psychologist, Bluma Zeigarnik (1926), who noticed an odd thing while sitting in a restaurant in Vienna. The waiters seemed only to remember orders which were in the process of being served, but little recollection of the completed orders. Zeigarnik went back to her lab to test out… View Article

It Is Good to Be Different

Everyone is different, and each of us has its own personality Owned. But it is nice to be different? Be distinguished from the others. What is to be different? Do you feel alone, living in their different world… It is hard to be different. Everyone sees you as an outsider and will not accept in… View Article

Psychopathy And Borderline Personality Disorder

   INTRODUCTION Personality disorders constitute a major group in the classification of mental disorders. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition, text revision (DSM-IV-TR),1 these conditions are defined by maladaptive personality characteristics beginning early in life that have consistent and serious effects on functioning. Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is frequently… View Article

The Value of HRM to Business Organisations

This essay will evaluate the literature available on the value of the selection method of personality tests to business organisations. These tests measure individual’s responses to what are usually fixed choice questions to uncover characteristics that have important implications for their job performance (Beardwell and Claydon, 2007). Personality tests were first reviewed in a personnel… View Article

Holland Theory and Application

John Holland made his mark from 1953-1556 while working at Vocational Counseling Service in Perry Point Veterans Hospital followed by his work as the Director of Research for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. His work at these two organizations leads to the first edition of Vocational Preference Inventory. In 1959, John Holland was published in… View Article


Everyone can view perspectives differently and sometimes it is hard to understand another person’s perspective. Many people do the things they do because they feel that their perspective is the right one. Personally I believe that sometimes people do not want to look at the others personal perspective because they know that they are wrong… View Article

The Collective Unconscious

According to Carl Jung, “the collective unconscious is a universal datum, that is, every human being is endowed with this psychic archetype layer since his/her birth. One cannot acquire these strata by education or other conscious effort because it is innate. Carl Jung extended Freud’s theory of the unconscious. While he agreed that each of… View Article

Group Assignment

A group is a collection of three or more people who interact and attempt to influence each other in order to accomplish a common purpose. The purpose of a group or team may range from preparing a new advertising campaign, to sharing information informally, to making important decisions, to fulfilling social needs, or just coming… View Article

Explain the Importance of Resilience in Children and Young People

Resilience is a mixture of nature and nurture. Attributes that some children are born with, such as good intellectual ability and a placid, cheerful temperament, are associated with resilience. Children who are born prematurely and/or with disabilities, who cry and cannot be comforted, who cannot sleep or who will not accept being held are more… View Article

One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The six psychological approaches are biological, learning or behavioral, cognitive, sociocultural, psychodynamic, and humanistic. Each approach is unique in its own way and used by psychiatrists to diagnose the problem. A biological approach is applied when the there is a known medical condition. The medical condition normally connects to mental health, and the solution comes… View Article

Glondys Rodriguez Naturalistic Observation

My observation took place in a park where a birthday party was celebrating. I looked at a girl of 6 years old or so. The girl was wearing a pink blouse and white pants. I think she was Hispanic. She was about 40 inch tall and weighed around 30 pounds. I could hear when her… View Article

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

There are many events in a person’s life that can be considered traumatic. Trauma can be easily described as a distressing experience caused by an event or physical injury. The symptoms that follow a traumatic event can include disassociation, hyperarousal, and avoidance. Some people choose to cope with their symptoms in many different ways such… View Article

Self – Assessment of Personality

Id, Ego, Superego three levels of depth a person has to know in order to determine one’s situatedness and beingness. In order to know better and to assess one’s self or to know who you really are, I believe that it should start from knowing the three you within one single body. With Sigmund Freud’s… View Article

Diverse Nature of Psychology

Psychology has a diverse nature. Diversity describes the diverse nature of the field not diversity in human race. The following paper will define two examples of sub-disciplines of psychology and two theories connected to the sub-disciplines, how these two examples connect with contemporary society other than psychology, relate sub-disciplines to a theoretical perspective, and my… View Article

Personality Analysis: Dispositional and Learning Theories

The revision and analysis of personalities provides a restored knowledge for human behaviors and the progression in which individuals understand. Theorists had endeavored for a long time realizing further theoretical methodology. Gordon Allport researched the personalities of people for the reason that that methodology provide further meaning or characterization to individual distinctiveness and give emphasis… View Article

McCrae & Costa’s Five-Factor Model

McCrae and Costa’s Five-Factor model of personality is said to be predictive in certain behaviours such as honesty, job performance and procrastination. This Five-Factor model applies to organisational testing because personality is a crucial part in understanding the interests and abilities of an applicant within a business. There have been several criticisms of the Big… View Article

How to Treat Depression Without Medication

While it takes more than a simple “lifestyle change” to effectively attack a medical issue such as depression, it is not more medication that this Country needs more of, but rather a greater awareness, better mental health education and greater access to therapy for those suffering from this condition. Depression is as much an organic,… View Article

McCrae and Costa’s Concept of Introversion

1.According to McCrae and Costa, Neuroticism are factors or traits characterized by anxiousness, depression, tension, irrational behavior, moodiness, low self-esteem, guilt feelings, worriedness, insecurity nervousness and are high strung. Sabrina would score high in neuroticism because she possesses some of the traits or factors. In the case study, Sabrina is insecure and has a low… View Article

Reaction Paper on Personality Theory

If you were in this situation, how would you explain this mistake? Many of us might blame the slip on distraction or describe it as a simple accident. However, a psychoanalytic theorist might tell you that this is much more than a random accident. The psychoanalytic view holds that there are inner forces outside of… View Article

Learning Team Reflection Summary

The following we will discuss what as a class we have learned as well what can be applicable to our workplace or in our personal life. Also how our knowledge has increased as a result of what we experienced through the learning activities in the previous week. Our group decided to emphasize on Herb’s concoction… View Article