Psychology, Theology, and Spirtuality by Mark R. McMinn Essay

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Psychology, Theology, and Spirtuality by Mark R. McMinn

Through this book written by Mark R. Mcminn his purpose has outlined for the readers the differences between the three overlapping principles of Psychology, Theology and Spirituality. This is a good book that is made special by the author for Christian counsellors, students and pastors to clearly understand the definitions of those three principles.

 The book is merely about speaking to those people who are pursuing their active integration of faith, psychology and theology. It discusses classic Christianity and the application to our everyday problem.

The value of this book lies in its ability to outline issues to the readers and make them think thoroughly when pondering on potential relationship between disciplines. The book is also considered catalytic in function.

The first chapter deals with religion in the counselling office. Here the character of Jill is exposed and her dilemma deals with her awareness of her depression and at the same time overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and inadequacy. She knows that she really need help but worries in finding the right counselor since she is recognizing that her choice could have profound implications on her spiritual life. (Mc.Minn, 1996, p.3)

From the counsellor’s perception, different viewpoints are given. Jill’s depression is worsened by her silly religious ideas and she juts need logical and clear thinking about the world according to Counsellor A while Counsellor B is more of interest in listening to Jill and he empathize with her regarding religious values because he believes that Jill needs a supportive companion to learn more in relating to others and herself. Lastly Counsellor C tells Jill about guilt and depression where he helps Jill find areas of sin in her life and admit those mistakes to later on repent and ask God’s forgiveness.

  The next chapters discusses Psychological and Spiritual Health, and that in one way or another the two must go hand in hand in order to gain peace of mind. The power of prayer is also implicated on Chapter 3 as well as the Scripture in Chapter 4. The next chapters 5, 6, and 7 is about sins that we made how to have a good confession and later on achieve forgiveness. For in chapter 8, redemption spiritually is really at hand by going hand in hand with the lessons that the readers will get from the book’s chapters.

            Religion can be discussed in therapy but the power of change is found in therapeutic relationship. (McMinn, 1996, p.3)This is a book about counselling and techniques and it focuses on the problems we face in the counselling office. This is more of a help for Christian Counsellors and researchers unite around certain key questions and perspective that may result to an increasingly effective and relevant interventions.


McMinn, Mark R. (1996). Psychology, theology, and spirituality in Christian counseling. Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers.

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