Psychology Project Essay

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Psychology Project

Final Output: The Person in Me (An Autobiography that uses Psychological Concepts)

Objective: The purpose of this final output for all General Psychology classes is for you, our students, to be able to identify the role of psychology and various psychological concepts in your lives using a lifespan approach. This activity aims to help you understand that psychology can be applied on a daily basis and that the field can:

help explain who you are as a unique individual and as part of the social environment help you internalize how building good relationships are essential in life assist you in handling your challenges and choosing your direction in life

How to go about writing your story:

1. Think about your audience and try to see things from their perspectives. Aside from the person who will evaluate the quality of your autobiography, who else will you be sharing it with? Is it your friends, family members? What type of readers are they? Do they prefer stories with humor? Do they like reading facts and itty-bitty details?

2. Think about your capacity – can you easily express yourself in prose or in poetry? Do you need to include pictures so that you can tell your story?

3. Think of the direction of your story. Will you be doing Flashbacks? Will you be writing in Chronological order?

4. After deciding on the above, start writing your story. Let the words flow since your first work will most likely be your draft.

5. When you have written your story, read it again. This time analyze which
parts of your story can be connected to psychological concepts.

6. Once you have identified these parts, insert the psychological concepts into the story.

E.g. “I can remember that when I was 7 years old, I lied to my mother about not getting money from her wallet. Although this was deliberate deception and although I regret the day that I did it, I do understand now that what had transpired was actually part of my cognitive development. You see, the Theory of Cognitive Development of Jean Piaget states that a child who is becoming less egocentric comes to understand the perspective of other people. I lied to my mom because I knew she would be annoyed and that she would punish me. I understood that she would have gone berserk over my behavior and I, being the mischievous child that I was, had no intention of allowing my buns to get spanked.”

7. Underline all psychological concepts that you use in your story. You are to use at least 25 and this should span all l of the chapters.

8. Your autobiography should be exactly 10 pages with 1.5 spacing and the default font size of 11 and font type of Times New Roman.

9. The last day of the submission of your autobiography is the first day of the Final Exams Week.

We, at the Psychology Department, hope that you have enjoyed the journey of learning more about yourselves, your peers, others and life in general. Good luck in your endeavors and and we’ll see you around.

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