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Psychology Phases Essay

             Psychology primarily has different fields and can be given meaning through each field: Developmental which deals with studies about human mental and physical growth from conception to death, Physiological psychology which investigates the biological basis of human behavior. Experimental psychology which uses psychological processes such as learning, memory, perception, sensation, cognition, motivation and emotion, The psychology that study differences about individuals also known as personality psychology. Clinical and counselling psychology that are focused on the diagnosis, cause and treatment of psychological disorders and adjustments with life’s problem and Social Psychology that clearly states studies how people influence one another.

             According to psychology historian Morton Hunt, an experiment performed by the King of Egypt, as far back as the seventh century B.C., can be considered the first psychology experiment (Hunt, 1993, p. 1). In this event the king wants to test if Egyptians was really the oldest civilization on earth. His idea was that, if children were raised in isolation from infancy and were given no instruction in language of any kind, then the language they spontaneously spoke would be of the original civilization of man hopefully, Egyptian. The experiment, itself, was flawed, but the king deserves credit for his idea that thoughts and language come from the mind and his ambition to test such an idea.

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            The writings of ancient Greek philosophers, such Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, is also noted by some historians as the first significant work to be rich in psychology-related thought. They considered an important question like what is free will, how does the mind work, and what is the relationship of people to their society.

             Psychology eventually sprouted from the roots of philosophy. Psychology also derived its origins from physiology, another subject that had been studied for thousands of years. In fact, the father of psychology, William Wundt, was originally a professor of physiology.

             The history of psychology started in 1879 when William Wundt which is also known as the father of psychology made the first psychology laboratory at the University of Leipzig, Germany. This is for the reason that he wants to apply methodical and experimental methods of science in studying human consciousness.

              Psychology has four goals. First is to describe a certain behavior, secondly to explain why it goes that way, .third is to predict what are the possible causes and effects for such mentality and behavior  and lastly is hoe to control some behaviors that may result in some psychological disorders.

              While Wundt does his researches, others began doing similar works. Herman Helmholtz investigated color vision, hearing and rate of nerve conduction. Gustav Fechner studied quantified sensory in experience. The word structuralism arose from Wundt and his colleagues works. The basic goal of a structuralist was to study consciousness by breaking it down into it components mainly perception, sensation, and affection. Their basic method was to train their subjects in introspection, which was careful, systematic observation of one’s own conscious experience (Weiten, 1992, p. 5).

            In one point or another Psychology strongly influences us as a person and every situation, hereditary and the adaptation with the kind of environment that we have, stability and the changes that continuously occurring, diversity among mentality and people’s personality and the truth about mind and body processes.


Hunt, Morton (1993). The Story of Psychology. New York: Doubleday

Weiten, Wayne (1998). Pyschology: Themes and Variations – 4th Edition. Pacific

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