Psychology of Terrorism Essay

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Psychology of Terrorism

Sexual harassment defined is any act that amounts to sexual advances that are unwelcome including asking for favors that are sexual related and also use of obscene and vulgar language. (O’Shea, 1998)Sexual harassment is classified as a crime in many countries and is therefore punishable by law. This paper takes an in-depth look at sexual harassments, how different victims are treated especially as far as age is concerned and the various laws regarding sexual harassment. 1. Define the two types of sexual harassment recognized by the courts.

a) Generally there are two types of sexual harassment recognized by the courts. The first type of sexual harassment is one that affects one in his or her employment. (O’Shea, 1998) For instance if a supervisor asks one of his subordinates for a sexual favor with threats that if the subordinate is not cooperative then he or she will lose his or her job, then this amounts to sexual harassment. This kind of sexual harassment can only be done by a person who possesses authority over another and who is able to influence the employment of the victim in question.

Such tangible employment actions include demotion, slashing of salaries, and unwarranted termination of employment. This mind of sexual harassment is commonly referred to as quid pro quo meaning “this for that”. This literally means that give me this and you will get that. b). The other kind of sexual harassment is known as hostile environment. This is normally the general conduct of employees in an organization as opposed to the conduct of one person like in the previous type of sexual harassment.

Some of the behaviors that may contribute to a hostile environment in an organization include: i) Constant use of vulgar and obscene language. ii) Making comments in regard to the physical attributes of a person but in sexual related manner. iii) Giving favors to anyone involved in sexual activities in the organization. iv) Touching a person without their submission. v) Use of terms to indicate that there is a sexual relationship between the two while in fact it does not exist. vi) Use of indecent symbols signs and gestures. 2. Compare and contrast the rights of juveniles to that of adults.

The rights provided of adults and children both as victims of sexual harassment differ slightly although the main aim for both is to protect victims of sexual harassment. (O’Shea, 1998) Usually the law is more strict one acts of sexual harassment done against children and the elderly putting into consideration their delicate nature. Sexual harassment of minors and small children is referred to as defilement and always carries a more severe punishment. Sexual harassment of an adult person is also classified crime and is in contravention with the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Any person be it a child an, adult or an elderly person if undergoes sexual harassment one is required to report to the relevant authorities using the right procedure which varies from institution to institution and form country to country. Sexual harassment is an act that is recognized as a crime in many countries of the world and thus a victim should not be embarrassed to report as this might make the behavior to get worse. Reference: O’Shea, T. (1998). Sexual Harassment: A Practical Guide to the Law, Your Rights, and Your Options for Taking Action. St Martin’s Griffins, London.

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