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Psychology Of Adjustment Essay

When a person hears the term psychotherapy, images of a white padded room and a person wearing a straightjacket immediately enter the mind. Psychotherapy was at one time in the history of mental health, taken to mean that a person has lost control of his mental faculties and now requires severe medical treatments such as shock therapy, Indeed, there was a time when psychotherapy was not something that a person would willingly undertake. These days though, the medical field of mental health that covers psychotherapy has come to be recognized as something that helps anybody, not just a mentally unbalanced person, deal with life. In effect, it has become a field synonymous with helping a person learn how to cope with his life and the problems besieging him.

            In real life, basic psychotherapy is what we seek when we have problems and we turn to our friends and family for advice. The need to unload and seek the help of another person in analyzing situations is the way we cope with problems. By seeing things from another persons perspective, we gain a better handle on the situation and its relating situations or topics. Although, there are instances when problems become so severe that family or friendly intervention can no longer help the person cope. In such instances, it is important for a person to seek professional help either on his own volition or through intervention techniques.

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            It is not hard to find the necessary psychological help once a person has acknowledged his need for professional intervention. There are psychologists in both private and public practice who are available to help. They can be found in community centers, hospitals, and sometimes, even among the religious.

            Since the psychology practitioners range from psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, counselors, and paraprofessionals, it is of the utmost importance that a person seeking psychiatric help know which type of mental health professional would be the best choice to approach in order to help him deal with his problem.

            It is important to have a list of requirements when choosing a psychotherapist. Part of the criteria when choosing should include ( a ) insuring that the medical professional you choose is properly qualified and licensed to practice in the state, ( b ) and how that person makes you feel when you are talking to him. Comfortability and trust in the psychotherapist is of the utmost importance because this is a person whom you shall be entrusting your deepest and most private thoughts to. He or she will need to display a genuine concern for your welfare and actually listen to you in order to give you proper advise or analysis of your problems. This person’s professional characteristics, professional experience, and skills can spell the difference between his ability to help and a continuing downward spiral into darkness.

            Remember, a person seeks psychotherapy in an effort to understand what he is going through and why. The help given by the psychotherapist can range from emotional support, medication, and sometimes, a lifestyle change. The important thing is for the person concerned to be he involved in his own welfare and recognize and accept that he has problems that require professional help in order to for him to properly deal with it.

            There is no real set time for the completion of a psychiatric treatment. Usually though, therapy can be ended once the person has gained control of the situation or problem and no longer poses a danger to himself and to others. Provided the person already knows and understands why he is going through certain difficulties in life, and he is capable of controlling the situation on his own, it will be safe to either end the treatment or continue it on an intermittent basis. It all really depends upon the patient and his needs.

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