Psychology Matters Essay

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Psychology Matters

It is a fact that society is dealing with numerous problems at this time, which includes violence, poverty, and health issues. More and more people who engage in violent acts are being shown in the news. It does not even matter how young or old these people are because age is not a factor in committing violence. Homelessness and unemployment are also two of the most serious issues that the public have to deal with everyday of their lives.

There is also the growing concern over health and medicine because having good health and long life are important to everyone. These problems can affect people’s mental well-being, especially if they experience it firsthand and are not able to receive professional help to help them recover and deal with the situation. If their mental health has proved to be unstable and affecting their behavior, they might cause harm to other people as well.

Psychologists can help find solutions by conducting more studies so that they can research about the issues and how people react to them better. They can also find solutions by getting into the field and talking to people about what their concerns are and how they might be of help. Receiving recommendations from average people will greatly help the professionals handle real-life situations much better. Going into the field would also allow psychologists to learn more about certain issues and situations, which would help them become better in what they do.

Not only will they be able to help their patients, but they also have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Indeed, there are numerous psychological issues that society faces everyday, which is why it is very comforting to know that psychologists are doing what they can to help the average person and families to handle these stressful situations. Psychologists and other health professionals should conduct further studies involving psychological issues for the benefit of society.

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