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Adolescent’s Knowledge of Suicide Prevention
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Pages • 4
The article provided an immense amount of information about preventing and reducing adolescent suicide. Suicide and depression is a very serious thing that adolescents do not know how to take the steps to prevent or identify the matter. Depression in adolescents is a leading cause of suicide. Adolescents who are experiencing depression are most likely experiencing depression from stress, low levels of social activity, as well as it runs in genetics. The increase in adolescent suicide have dramatically increased over…...
Beauty Contest
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Pages • 4
In the average dictionary beauty is defined as a combination of qualities that pleases aesthetic senses, especially the sight. Unfortunately, in today’s society, the meaning of beauty has become extremely distorted and in place beauty pageants have become very popular. These contests take place across the entire world; in big cities and small towns. The contestants’ ages range from 0 to 30 years old. Thus, children are thrown into this lifestyle, without knowing exactly what they are getting into. They…...
Elder Abuse and Living Arrangements in Late Adulthood
Words • 2430
Pages • 10
Late adulthood is a period of various biological changes which can impact on an individual’s health and ability to function as easily in society. The stereotypical changes of this stage are paler less elastic skin resulting in wrinkles, thinning hair gradually turning from grey to white, weaker bones, muscle loss, and vision and hearing impairments e. g. cataracts and difficulty with word discrimination. There are changes to the brain also, such as the loss of dendrites which causes a reduction…...
AdulthoodElder AbuseHealthPsychologypsychology,health
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Is Gambling a Good Idea
Words • 944
Pages • 4
There are many people gamble now a day. It is good or bad? some people think it is a good entreatment for killing time and relax, but is it a health entreatment for us? or it is just a activity that make us addicted and use all our money and time for it. Why people love gambling? there are lots of reason that a person get in to gambling. there are people said that when they gamble at the casino,…...
Spiritual Milestone
Words • 270
Pages • 2
In “Spiritual Milestone” the writer describes his life as an Asian American and the difficulties that he has faced not only with his identity but with his battle with depression. The more compelling story is his rise above the disease and his tremendous success in the world of academia and in his community. Not realizing that he actually had depression, he worked diligently to overcome the stigma attached to his ethnicity, and at the same time, ended up discovering that…...
HealthPsychologypsychology,healthSpiritual Life And Beliefs
On Force Feeding Anorexics
Words • 562
Pages • 3
Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder where a person, usually a woman, perceives herself to be either excessively fat or fatter than she actually is. Therefore, she refuses to eat what dieticians consider the proper portion of meals and that is, if she eats anything at all. This undoubtedly results in alarming amounts of weight lost to the extent where it is very unhealthy, as well as a lack of nutrients that are essential to the body. In many countries,…...
Anorexia NervosaForceHealthPsychologypsychology,health
Nature vs Nurture – Depression
Words • 809
Pages • 4
For years there has been an ongoing debate of nature versus nurture. Nature refers to genetics, inheritance and genes, and nurture refers to characteristics shaped by one’s environmental influences. For the purpose of this paper, the development of depression will be researched in terms of the nature versus nurture debate. Studies show that while some people are genetically predisposed to mood disorders, many people develop them through environmental factors. However, a different study looked at the relationship and interaction of…...
Depression DisorderHealthNature Vs NurturePsychologypsychology,health
A Reflection Paper on Scientist Patch Adams
Words • 552
Pages • 3
Paper Type:Reflective essays
Patch Adams is a hero of sciettnce and a noble being of the field of medicine. Hero is a person who is something more than a typical dictionary defines. A hero is not just anyone. He is special. And I consider Patch Adams as one of them. Born into a strict military-like family and hurdling over many obstacles, Patch managed to complete his medical degree. He was even admitted to a mental hospital for some time in his lifetime. The…...
Athletic Burnout in expert sport
Words • 1254
Pages • 6
Engagement in sport provides an excellent source of pleasure for the majority of professional athletes and enhances the general well-being of individuals. Nevertheless, in today's multi-million dollar sport industry, there is a considerable amount of pressure for an athlete to execute and succeed in expert sport (Hackfort & & Huang, 2005). They are needed to keep their optimum physical condition in order to carry out to their greatest ability, and numerous specialists understand the value of training hard and constantly…...
Sleep Deprivation Problem Solution Speech
Words • 376
Pages • 2
Sleep deprivation is a major problem, especially among us teenagers. We tend to disregard our body's needs in order to stuff for that test tomorrow or to do some other task that we have actually been delaying. I'm guilty of doing this and I make certain some of you are too. However, sleep deprivation impacts us more than we understand. Sleep deprivation typically leads to small repercussions, however the has possible to majorly impact your health. Numerous minor health issues…...
HealthPsychologypsychology,healthSleepSleep Deprivation
The Effects of Playing Sports
Words • 332
Pages • 2
. I. Thesis statement : There are several effects of sport that can make us stay fit and healthy, improve, mentality and self-ensteem, and to get a better socialization. II. Body : A. One of the effect of sport is making us stay fit and healthy. 1. Sport is a meditation to reduce risk of chronicle diseases and to maintain a healthy body ( 2011). a. Types of chronicle diseases that most hit human is hypertension, stroke, cancer, diabetes and…...
Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence
Words • 2112
Pages • 9
M1- Assess the likely immediate effects of two different forms of abuse on the health and wellbeing of adults D1- Evaluate the potential long-term effects of these two types of abuse on the health and wellbeing of adults M2- Describe legislation and regulations, working strategies and procedures used in health and social care to reduce the risk of two types of abuse Abuse and violence can take lots of different forms. Physical abuse is where someone is physically injured by…...
Anorexia in Ballet
Words • 926
Pages • 4
Anorexia affects over 24 million people worldwide. 9% percent of The United States of America’s population has some sort of eating disorder, and that statistic is even higher is ballet dancers, 84% . This essay will explore why the statistic is higher in dancers and the connection between success and being extremely thin. Anorexia and bulimia are both very harsh psychological and physiological disorders. Anorexia is diagnosed when someone’s body weight is twenty percent below the expected body weight of…...
Personal Reflection Journal Entry
Words • 1075
Pages • 5
Paper Type:Personal essays
Throughout times of our lives we handle tension. For circumstances, we stress about things from home, monetary situations, and jobs also. I know in handled tension in the past and also handling it today. I attempt to discover numerous methods with coping with my stress by exercising or doing other things to reduce the excessive tension. The term stress is the reaction of people to stressors. Stressors are occasions that threaten people and tax their coping abilities. I remained in…...
The development of depression
Words • 384
Pages • 2
Utilizing specific examples, describe the role of the following in either the reduction or the advancement of depression Genes The threat of developing major depressive condition increases if a moms and dad or sibling has the condition. Explanatory Style If we analyze our stressful experiences through an unfavorable explanatory design, we will wind up creating a lot more depressed state 4 ourselves. This results in behavioral and cognitive changes, which sustain more negative stressful experiences Alcohol Alcohol can be reliable…...
Depression DisorderDevelopmentHealthPsychologypsychology,health
Overtraining, and Burnout in Child and Adolescent Athletes. Pediatrics
Words • 1735
Pages • 7
Exercise and sports behavior has been an area of vigorous research interest. Athletes and people who compete at a high level of physical exercise are usually habituated to intense levels of activity for over a prolonged period of time. However, there is hesitation to term it as a psychological disorder or a disorder associated with characteristic patterns of psychological disturbance. People with very high levels of athletic activities may be high achievers who participated in these activities with intense physical…...
Depression, symptoms of depression
Words • 866
Pages • 4
Depression is a psychological condition that changes how you think, feel, and it also affects your social behavior and sense of physical wellness. I can make you feel low self esteem and can cause self-depreciation. Depression is not feeling sad occasionally, it is a constant feeling of sadness that stays with you. If not treated it can affect the way you act, feel, and the way you think. It can also cause you to be more pessimistic towards family members,…...
Depression DisorderHealthPsychologypsychology,health
Explain How Communication Affects Relationships
Words • 257
Pages • 2
Communication affects relationships at work in a big way. Communicating in a positive manner will give me a very different response to communicating in a negative manner, it is also important that I alter the way i communicate dependant on who I am speaking to as everybody will respond differently to different styles and variations of communication. One of the parts of my job is to communicate with my colleagues. I must insure that as the environment I work in…...
Sexual Orientation Conversion Therapy
Words • 1137
Pages • 5
Sexual orientation conversion therapy, a variety of treatments that aims to turn the sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual, is controversial in many countries (Haldeman, 2002). While conversion therapy is prohibited in some countries due to its ethical concern, its efficacy is debatable. This short article argues that homosexual needs to can select whether to be treated or not, the restriction make use of the right of homosexual and leading them no option however to hold the sexual preference. The…...
HealthPsychologypsychology,healthSexual OrientationTherapy
The Neglect of the Elderly People
Words • 203
Pages • 1
The neglect of the elderly has become an ongoing epidemic. Older people are living longer and are in better health than years ago. Even though most elderly people are living at home, this is where most of the abuse takes place. Elderly abuse does not necessarily mean physical abuse; in most case it can be mental or emotional. Studies estimate that 4 million older Americans are victims of physical and psychological abuse and neglect. The fact is elderly abuse can…...
Elderly PeopleHealthPsychologypsychology,health
Compassion Fatigue
Words • 1224
Pages • 5
The idea of caring for others is the motivating reason that draws most people into nursing. The concept of being a supportive part of a person’s health care needs is exactly the cause of compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue can hit the best of nurses. Nurses who are highly driven and detail oriented are at a higher risk for developing compassion fatigue. Compassion fatigue was a term first applied in 1992; it is described as a syndrome that occurs in nurses…...
CompassionCompassion FatigueHealthPsychologypsychology,health
Personal Image and Pressure of Society
Words • 941
Pages • 4
There are countless issues constantly growing larger in our society today that are not often taken serious enough, such as global warming, world hunger and homelessness. A major issue more applicable to my generation is the distorted views by teenage girls of their personal image and appearance. This includes but is not limited to their weight, hair color, breast size, color of skin or simply how much makeup they apply. The body type portrayed in advertising as the ideal is…...
Grief Counseling and Process Intervention
Words • 2869
Pages • 12
Abstract Grief comes in different forms and affects each person differently. Webster’s dictionary describes grief as “deep sadness caused especially by someone's death, a cause of deep sadness, and trouble or annoyance”. Grief is associated with loss; loss of people, place, or thing. It is a universal experience that happens to all life. In multicultural counseling a counselor should be able to effectively treat and deal with the issues of grief, as they relate to divers groups. The boundaries between…...
Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties
Words • 775
Pages • 4
Describe the range of behavioural, emotional and social difficulties that children and young people may experience and how they can affect speech, language and communication development The special education needs (SEN) code of practice describes BESD as a learning difficulty where children and young people demonstrate features of emotional and behavioural difficulties such as: Being withdrawn or isolated – which means they are less likely to start conversations, they play alone more and are less liked by others in their…...
Question of Indigenous People
Words • 419
Pages • 2
INDIGENOUS PEOPLE REACTION PAPER WOW! After the symposium, I realized how lucky I am to be in a concrete house, not worrying if the strong wind will take it with all its might; to live in a more comfortable house with comfortable clothes on. Indigenous people’s always stressing the hell out of them searching for food everyday, they can’t even apply for a stable job here in the city or at least away from secluded areas where they live. On…...
Caring for Individuals with Additional Needs
Words • 612
Pages • 3
A short introduction to the initial pack consisting of objectives and objectives Include a definition of extra needs Discuss why it is essential for care specialists to be knowledgeable about the different extra needs that individuals might have (150 words) P1-- Overview reasons why individuals may experience additional needs - Produce a newsletter What are additional requirements-- What is a physical special needs and how does it have an effect on an individual to be classed as an extra requirement?…...
Peplau’s Contribution to the Advancement of Nursing Knowledge
Words • 1048
Pages • 5
Peplau’s Contribution to the Advancement of Nursing Knowledge in Support of Multidisciplinary Science Nursing is still a young profession that is still evolving. It is still developing its theoretical support for the nursing practice and how its discipline is unique from other disciplines (Johnson, B. & Webber, and P.). Many of the nursing theorists have drawn from other disciplines (psychology, sociology etc.) in forming their nursing theories. Hildegard Peplau is one of those theorists who used another discipline in formulation…...
HealthMental HealthNursingPsychologypsychology,health
Recognising and Responding to Concerns about Child Development
Words • 515
Pages • 3
Teachers and teaching assistants are in a position where they may observe the children and young people in their care. It is important that all teaching staff are trained to recognise and respond to concerns that a pupil is not following the expected pattern of development. If a concern is not responded to correctly, or ignored completely, this could have a detrimental effect on the child or young person’s future development. Furthermore, if a child is not following the expected…...
Child developmentHealthPsychologypsychology,health
“Wit” The Movie
Words • 365
Pages • 2
The film WIT provided me with a unique opportunity to understand a patient's perceptions of the health care system while fighting cancer. The concepts learned in our nursing courses on caring and professionalism were critical to keep in mind while watching and interpreting the content of this film. A professional is an individual who is "conscientious in actions, knowledgeable in the subject, and responsible to self and others" (Potter & Perry, 2005). The patient, Vivian Bearing, experienced a number of…...
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Explain How Communication Affects Relationships
...When speaking to families of patient I must insure that I an understanding and come across friendly and professional as a good relationship with a patient’s family can have positive effects on the patients because it is important that families unde...
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