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Child Developmental Milestones
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Background information of the Child: Marcus is the only child in the family, he has been in infant care since he is 3 months old. Marcus joined his current childcare in December 2018. He is in the Play Group class with four other children, 2 girls and 2 boys. Marcus' mother describes him as an easy-going baby and he is well-liked in infant care and childcare by teachers. Background information of the Adults (Parents/ Caregivers): Marcus' parents are main caregivers…...
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Discuss research into different type of attachment
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Mary Ainsworth conducted two naturalistic observations, one in the rural community of Kampala in Uganda which lasted for two years and the other in the urban city of Baltimore which had lasted for one year. The aim of this observation was to look at a mother and infant interaction. In both study she used the same number of participants, which were 26 mothers and their infants. Using the strange situation she found three different types of attachments that were displayed…...
Compare and Contrast Harlow and Ainsworth
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Harry Harlow and Mary Ainsworth shared a common interest in attachment. Although their work is different and how they went about doing their experiments there were similarities between the pair as both of them did studies to see how attachment presented itself in different individuals. Harlow’s work was based in a laboratory and was a long term experiment using monkeys. The treatment of the animals was seen as poor and unethical. Certain parts to the experiments could even be called…...
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Daughter from DaNang
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Micro Assessment The majority of developmental theories say that children must develop a secure primary attachment in order to develop in a healthy manner. A secure and strong attachment is clearly essential for healthy future relationships. John Bowlby’s studies in childhood development led him to the conclusion that a strong attachment to a caregiver provides a necessary sense of security and foundation. Without such a relationship in place, Bowlby found that a great deal of developmental energy is expended in…...
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