Psychology and Information Making Decisions Essay

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Psychology and Information Making Decisions

Taking The MBTI test is a good step that provides insights into behaviour help people understand themselves as well as understanding other people that they are in daily contact with, so that they can find a way to making things work properly. The MBTI measures four preferences: Focus of attention, Acquiring information Making decisions, and External orientation.

In my opinion this test is a very important step if you were in a position to select a team members or if you were a project manager and you want to select your employee or you were the project manager and want to know your team composition, knowing their BMTI results will help you know if they are the right people for the job or not; or you can even put together people who you think will work better together because their personality are convenient.

This test is not only useful in your professional life but also in your personal life, it can be used in personal development like when you find yourself in a certain position that you don’t know how to deal with you can use the test indicators to explore yourself and find the points of weakness you have and try to find a way to overcome them. Also it can be used for marriage counselling, leadership training …etc.

Although this test can be used as a way to measure behaviours but you cannot fully depend on it, because sometimes behaviour depends on certain situation that surprise you of the way you behaved. Finally, this test is just a general guide, the percentage you get in it does not mean that you have a strong or weak personality; it is just a way that simplify the way you deal with different matters in your life.

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