Psychology And How It Affects The System Of Referencing Essay

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Psychology And How It Affects The System Of Referencing

Cataloging is an olden time procedure that is made to arrange the collection of books within libraries. Of course, since libraries are considered to have a large collection of reading materials, arranging them into categories helps in the process of researching for the students or plain readers alone. However, this procedure of arranging the files and taking notes of the information with regards a certain book takes much time and effort from the librarians that they are already incapable of doing the primary responsibility that they should be addressing in their profession, assisting the readers. Today, the development of technology aides in libraries have created a radical change within the systems of arranging the files as well as redefined the role of librarians in completing the tasks appointed for them to finish.

Technological changes are indeed good. As for this matter, the changes of the procedures taken into consideration by libraries have indeed radically changed the ways by which the librarians tried to complete their duties to their profession,. The existence of computer-based programs also made several files in the local libraries available online making it more convenient for readers to utilize. More than that, it could be noted that the digital based Operating System that is used in public libraries have made it easier for readers to find the actual resources that they need for their researches becomes highly possible and efficient for the users.

Yes, the impact of technology in library activities as well as within the procedures of referencing could indeed be considered one of the most successful applications that is made and presented by today’s modern technology. Of course, with the massive overflow of informations through the publication of several reading materials, filing them up in a way that readers would have them through easier access today is beneficial. This is also true in terms of psychological referencing. IT is undeniable that both traditional and modern technological approaches make the psychological references more utilized for studies and assessment procedures for present researches. Psychology too interacts with the different approaches used today in referencing systems.

Most often than not, the systems carry the fact that there are certain measures that needs consideration in terms of the acceptance of the human behavior with the referencing systems that are concerned with systematically placing references for basis of studies. Because of the utilization of technology, it is undeniable that the major sources on derived from psychological readings had primarily been improved. Both the ideas and the authors are carefully jotted down in researches with ample accuracy that the studies passed about psychology are then considered to be highly authoritative and validated in terms of sourced references.


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