Psychology Admission Statement Essay

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Psychology Admission Statement

As one of the aspiring psychologists, it has come to my understanding that such endeavour is never an easy task but is rather a long road of travel and a stage filled with challenges. In this regard, I truthfully believe that receiving formal studies in psychology course would render me to be more prepared in becoming an outstanding psychologist in the near future.

Certainly, my interest in psychology has started and is already evident during my younger years wherein I have found my passion in analyzing human behaviour and the human mind. There are different interesting fields that provide me with much motivation to immerse myself in this field. This is the passion which still pushes me to remain in this field and become an expert in such.

In light of my personal qualities and characteristics, I would say that a career in such industry is the best place for me as I am the type of person that is not easily disturbed by the actions of other people and is adequately patient in attending the needs of the people. Nonetheless, as an aspirant in this line of work, I am focused with my professional and personal mission, which is to attend and uplift the life of the people through the direct and indirect contributions that I make.

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