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Essay on Psychologist

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Biopsychosocial Perspective

Over time psychologist realized that focusing on one causal factor results in partial information for analysis of health and illness. Thus, the biopsychosocial model became the primary perspective used and was the focus of this paper. An understanding of the biopsychosocial perspective attained through a description of the systems and three contexts of this theory, examination of the influence of ...

The Autistic Spectrum

Aspies For Freedom is a group which is at the forefront of the Autism rights movement. The term "Aspies" refers to high-functioning autistics, or those with Asperger's Syndrome. The aim of Aspies For Freedom (AFF) is to educate the public that Autism is not always a disability, and that there are advantages as well as disadvantages. The group also campaigns against what is sees as abusive forms of...

Trait Theory

In my opinion, trait theory seems to be more of a tool to put a name on certain aspects of our personality, while the humanistic theory gives us a better understanding of our personality. In conclusion, I hope that I have included in this paper a thorough description of the information I have gained through my excursion through this week’s learning resources. My goal was to give you my opinion o...

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Biography of Psychologist Erik Erikson

Erikson used play therapy to conduct research on his theory, focusing on what he called play construction. In his studies, boys and girls constructed a scene for an imaginary movie using dolls, toy animals, automobiles, and wooden blocks. Girls tended to build low enclosures, while boys focused on exteriors, action, and height. Based on biological differences, according to Erikson; girls build low...

Early Years Foundation Stage

Children will enjoy investigating and figuring out. Asking children to compare weight in their hands and through use of the scales will encourage children to think through the issue, through conversation and discussing mistakes children will able to see visual when using the weiing scales which parcel was actually heavier, asking other children to comment feedback and to “have a go.” And by s...

Positive Regard

Humanistic psychologists believe that by showing the client unconditional positive regard and acceptance, the therapist is providing the best possible conditions for personal growth to the client. David G. Myers says the following in his Psychology: Eighth Edition in Modules: People also nurture our growth by being accepting—by offering us what Rogers called unconditional positive regard. This i...

The Myers-Briggs Type Indication

I believe that the MBTI can sometimes be inaccurate based on an individuals mood and attitude when taking the test. In-spite of its popularity, the evidence is mixed as to whether the MBTI is a valid measure of personality - with most of the evidence suggesting that it is not (Langton et. al, 2013). The one problem with the test is that it forces a person into one type pr the other but some indivi...

Louis Pojman

He states a variety of general ethical principles (ten, specifically, which may have a connection to the Ten Commandments or may just be a coincidence) that seem to be necessary to rid suffering, resolve conflict, and promote human flourishing. While reading Pojman’s statements on ethical relativism I asked myself where do we draw the line on deciding what is right and wrong. As a Christian it w...

Geert Hofstede on Cultural Dimensions in Society

To conclude this exploration of Geert Hofstede’s framework, I believe that all of the points he makes and focuses on are relevant in societies internationally, regardless of specific cultures. For example, the Power Distance index dimension is an issue that occurs all over the globe. There are individuals in every society that have superior power to others, be it financially, politically or just...

Biography of Psychologist Melanie Klein

California: Wadsworth Klein, M. (1984). The psycho-analysis of children (A. Strachey, Trans. ). R. Money-Kyrle (Ed. ), “The writings of Melanie Klein” (Vol. 2). New York: Free Press Sayers, J. (1991). Mothers of psychoanalysis. New York: W. W. Norton & Company. Science. jrank. org, (2010). Psychoanalysis - Melanie Klein and Object Relations. Retrieved on 6th July 2010 from; http://science....

Counselling Theory

At best, Rogers's detractors claim, his ideas may be applied only among a limited range of clients, specifically those suffering from the milder forms of neurosis, acknowledging that while person-centred therapy may prove no more effective than any other method, it has yet to demonstrate that it is harmful in any way. Despite such criticisms, Rogers's theory of personality and his therapeutic meth...

The Hippie Movement

So, we’re left with asking ourselves a question. If something so simple as changing the way we dress, the way we treat each other and the way we view the world, what’s stopping us from doing that today but just on a larger scale? Perhaps tackling world hunger, or bullying. It was truly amazing how popular this style caught on, and that it lasted a full decade. Imagine a world where everybody h...

Albert Bandura and Julian Rotter

Evaluate the theory by thinking about some of the following questions: If this theory is to be evaluated, the strength of these assumptions lies in the recognition of the positives that humans possess. It reminds the audience of the person as a whole being and not just an organism subject to either what the psychoanalysts termed as instincts or fundamental behaviorists’ position as merely organi...

Jahari Window

However, blind to you, you actually may be communicating this information via body language, in conflict with your verbal message. On an even deeper level, you in an interaction with others, may always put on a smiling, happy face, hiding all negative feelings. By withholding negative feelings, you may be signaling to your friends to withhold also, and keep their distance. Thus, your communication...

Imagination or Knowledge?

Furthermore there is the argument of human kind not being able to solely base their ideas and thoughts on imagination as this would only lead wrong insight as to how someone can deal with a certain situation and will with no doubt hold us up in our search for progress. This has been backed up by an example on human kind in the time they thought the earth was flat and as George Santayana said: ‘t...

Sigmund Frued

With this model, divided into the id, ego, and superego, we can explain how we can simultaneously harbor uninhibited desires in the unconscious pleasure and destructive tendencies developed by the id, but we can also mediate these instinctive drives through the self-conscious functions performed by the ego’s defense mechanisms, while in addition re-appropriating this tension through the role of ...

Stanford Prison Experiment

Although research might support the concepts of conformity and situational attribution to be present across the spread of universal and Asian context, further relative studies ought to be conducted in more Asian countries to confirm that fact. This is because most people would tend to generalise behaviours based on the face value of that particular culture, but only an in-depth analysis, such as t...

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung

Despite their differences in theory and interpretation of certain aspects of dreams, both Freud and Jung were able to make great strides in their works with dream analysts and leave behind invaluable information for other psychoanalysts to grow and develop from. Their continual placement of high importance on the patient-therapist relationship and the value of dreams in therapy have continued to b...

Bertha Pappenheim

Instead, he would have viewed Anna O through his collective unconscious theory. Jung may have gone so far as equating Anna’s paralyzes, and her dream of the snakes as corroboration to this theory. Siting the universal fears humans have of snakes, going back to the first book of the Bible. 5 To me, Freud would have approached Anna O with many questions concerning her childhood and possible sexual...

Lee’s Function in East of Eden

Such treatment of individuals is summarized by saying that “everything is an index of everything else”6 and that “The heavy is the root of the light. ”7 Finally, the quintessence of Steinbeck as a novelist undoubtedly lies in the employment of non-teleological thinking as the frameworks of his novels. The adoption of this method does not allow him to achieve invariable success in his liter...

The Egg by Sherwood Anderson

Sherwood Anderson’s “The Egg” has numerous conflicts and characters that bring out Freud’s id, ego, and superego that make for a wonderful psychoanalytical read. The Oedipal complex of the main character shines brightly through his view of and relationship with the father. Overall, the actions of the father are genuinely out of his control due to his unconscious mind, and he passed that tr...

The Attribution Theory in Psychology

The question of whether or not attitude can predict the behavior of an individual has been a subject of a series of researches. In one study involving the attitude of motel and restaurant clerks towards Chinese customers revealed that of the 200 establishments included in the survey, there was only one instance when Chinese customers were not served. This is contrary to what 92% of the establishme...

John Dewey

Dewey wrote his first two books, Psychology (1887) and Leibniz’s New Essays Concerning the Human Understanding (1888), when he was working at the University of Michigan. Over the course of his lifetime, Dewey published more than 1,000 works, including essays, articles and books. His writing covered a broad range of topics: psychology, philosophy, educational theory, culture, religion and politic...

Modern Psychoanalysis

Less lengthy forms of psychotherapy is preferred today, such as psycho-dynamics, family therapy, and cognitive-behaviorism. Sigmund Freud completely changed how the Western world thinks of the mind and human behavior, by using and developing techniques such as dream interpretation and free association. Freud has been universally acclaimed as well as he was deeply disliked by many who knew him for ...

Anita Desai: Biography

Contemporary Authors reviewer A. G. Mojtabai agrees, noting that Desai's novels "delineate characters, settings, and feelings intricately, yet economically, without extraneous detail or excessively populated scenes. Properly observed, a roomful of people is crowd enough, and in the right hands - as Anita Desai so amply illustrates - world enough. " Her "elegant" and "lucid" novels have enjoyed a b...

"Strange Situation" Study

A criticism of this study is that the child's behaviour has to be observed by someone in order to decide what the child is doing. This decreases the reliability which is whether the results measured are consistent because there could be a difference of opinion. For example one person could say that the child is seeking and rejecting however another person may say that the child is only seeking. Th...

Reinforcement Model

Therefore, the only way to motivate is to keep on making positive changes in the external environment of the organization. Managers can use these strategies in turn, but if one strategy is used continuously it will causes negative impacts on employees. Managers who are making attempt to motivate the employees must ensure that they do not reward all employees simultaneously. They must tell the empl...

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Therefore, to prevent antisocial personality disorder must begin in early childhood, before the children are at risk for developing conduct disorder. Education for parenthood to lower the incidence of child abuse is necessary. “The only long-term solution, I believe, is Westman's proposal that we require prospective parents to meet the same minimum requirements that we now expect of couples hopi...

Mary Whiton Calkins

On February 26, 1930, Calkins died of inoperable cancer, one year after retiring from Wellesley as a Research Professor and turning over that department to Eleanor Gamble. Her teaching career spanned forty two years. She died with two honorary degrees, a doctor of letters from Columbia University and a doctor of laws from Smith College. However, she never received the degree that she worked for at...

Social Acceptance

Politeness has been associated with this value; Filipinos are taught to become respectful individuals. This is mainly due to the influence of Christianity that tells us to honor both our parents and our elders. The use of ‘’po’’ and ‘’’opo’’’ when in conversation with an elder or someone who is older is a manifestation of how Filipinos respect their elders. Same with politeness...

The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey

The CISS was intended solely to the identification of interest scales and skills of individuals as they are related to another variable such as an occupation, a course in college, and such.It is primarily a tool used for the placement of an individual to appropriate venues, settings, or environments. Therefore, it is not particular to a specific cultural group or population. (“CISS,” N. D. )...

The Theory of Person Centred

This may be due to a client trying to protect painful memories and diverting his attention to a unimportant things. Mearn and Thorne (2007) included a further example of difficult process known as Ego-syntonic process which means a person becomes self centred due to fear of social relationships. Prouty et al (2002), suggest that in order for a person to begin to emerge from difficult process and f...

Stereotype Threat

There should also be something for teachers as well, because they need to know how to react and what to say if they see someone being stereotyped. It is also important for parents to teach their kids not to judge others and respect someone's individual's life. Use all kinds of sources to teach your kids about different groups of people and their culture so they would not base their assumptions jus...

Cognitive Component of SWB

Diener and Emmons (1984) found that unpleasant and pleasant affect become increasingly separate as the time frame is increased (Diener et al. , 1999). In the case of the institutionalized elderly, the study examined the affective component in general, mainly how they felt generally about their lives that helped them experiencing a sense of well-being in their lives. As indicated by Christopher (19...

Centred Counselling in Action by Dave Mearns

The authors also suggest that it would be beneficial for the counsellor to explore the matter more fully in supervision. The dislike belongs to the counsellor, say the authors and is therefore her responsibility to deal with it and not blame the client for her feelings. In the chapter on unconditional positive regard, the uthors go onto discuss in some depth other matters worthy of consideration a...

History of Psychology and Importance of Psychoanalysis

1) Christian Nordqvist (2018) What is psychology and what does it involve?2) Zak Van Straaten (1981) Basic Concepts In Philosophy3) David J.Cole (1985) Philosophy, Mind, and Cognitive Inquiry4) Kendra Cherry (2018) An Overview of Behavioral Psychology5) Saul McLeod (2005) Cognitive Psychology6) Kendra Cherry (2018) What is Psychoanalysis?7) Robert S.Feldman (1992) Elements of Psychology8) Nick Sha...

Famous American Psychologist

In conclusion, Albert and Martin have impacted psychology in their own unique way. By creating helpful methods to guide psychologist in treating individuals that may be suffering from depression, anxiety, or childhood emotional behaviors. Albert Ellis who died at the age of 93 on July 24th 2007, main theory, is one that has been around for decades with his believes that "people are not disturbed b...

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