Psychological tests Essay

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Psychological tests

Aptitude test is defined as the test of suitability to determine whether an individual is likely to develop the skills required for a particular kind of work (Encarta dictionary, 2008). Aptitude tests are used to calculate abilities over a long period of time, as well as to envisage future learning performance. Example of aptitude tests are the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT)). These tests are both college admission tests explored in the prediction of college success. Special aptitude tests The purpose of special aptitude test raises the concept of fidelity and bandwith.

Bandwith determines the breath of the traits that is being evaluated while fidelity refers to the extent to which a particular measure focuses on a particular attribute or quality. These tests are explored to prognosticate on the future performance in a subject that the person in question is not currently trained. Goverment parastatals,institutions and business organization often will apply specific aptitude tests when handing over specific privileges to certain individuals. .Furthermore, vocational guidance counseling may involve aptitude testing to help clarify individual career goals (Microsoft Encarta, 2008).

If a person has a similar score in comparison to that of individuals already functioning in a particular profession, the probability of success in that occupation can be predicted by the use of aptitude tests. Certain aptitude tests have a wide coverage that includes skills germane to many different professions. The General aptitude test, for instance aside measuring the general reasoning ability also covers the areas of form perception, motor coordination, clerical perception as well as manual and finger dexterity.

Other tests may concentrate on a single area such as the Art, Engineering and modern languages (Microsoft Encarta. 2008). One of the examples of special aptitude tests is the sensory or perceptual test and this concentrates on the discrimination of color and visual acuity. It also involves the auditory senses. Another example of special aptitude test is the mechanical test which includes the test of spatial relations and this demands manual dexterity as well as space visualization.

There is also the paper and pencil test which includes the Bennet Mechanical comprehension Test and the Minnesota Paper Formboard. Other special aptitude tests are listed below. The clerical test This includes the Minnesota clerical test that consists of 200 pairs of numbers and 200 pairs of names. It also includes the clerical abilities which is an embodiment of 7 other tests like test of proofreading and copying etc. The art and musical test. The Art ability test includes the Art judgment test in which the participant judges between two pictures and chooses the one that is better.

In aesthetic perception test, the participant gives an orderly ranking of 4 versions of the same project. The grave design judgment test also allows the participant to adjudicate the best among a group of abstract pictures. Musical ability test The musical ability test gives an analytical assessment of musical ability and it makes use of tones as well as notes to evaluate 6 components of auditory discrimination. The wing standardized test of musical intelligence explores recorded pianoic songs to assess about 8 areas which include the memory, chord analysis and rhythm.

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