Psychological Profiles of Characters in Julius Caesar

Five most interesting characters in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Acts I & II, are the following: Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Brutus, Cassius, and Portia. Julius Caesar is described to be a powerful, tyrant king of Rome. He is the figure people loved, but conspired to be assassinated by his own senators. Mark Antony is the most loyal subject of Julius Caesar. He loved Caesar so much that’s why he’s well-trusted, and is feared by conspirators for his loyalty.

Brutus is one of the senators who saw a great need to stop Caesar from becoming a more powerful king.

He is believed to be a protagonist here, if Caesar’s death is justified due to Caesar’s cruelty as a king. Cassius is one of the senators who conspired to plot against Caesar too. Somehow, Caesar felt that Cassius should not be trusted because “he thinks too much. ” Portia is the loving wife of Brutus. She knows the secrets of her husband, and she’s always worried for him.

(Shakespeare, W. Act I) Caesar got scared at one point, when his wife dreamed of his assassination. Mark Antony was also believed by conspirators that his loyalty will get buried along with Caesar’s body.

Brutus, though the main conspirator, didn’t want Caesar to be “dismembered,” and he does show some respect to Caesar all along. Cassius, as a senator, should protect Caesar, but he is one of the main conspirators too. Portia wasn’t able to tolerate her husband’s silence on the fact he’s hiding something for her.

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(Shakespeare, W. Act II). All the characters mentioned have believable qualities, but most of them turned out to have a weak side. This is true too amongst us, because we are our own characters, but our weak side is what makes us human. That makes this tragedy a real life story we can relate to.

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