Psychological problems Essay

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Psychological problems

Early adulthood characterizes a salient developmental phase in the life cycle. There are times, though, when psychological problems begin to appear at this time. Among these key psychological problems include: finding a secure personal identity, making mature intimate relationships, forming up of ideological values looking to the future, identifying a longstanding vocation and realizing one’s bearing. This being a formative period in life, the issue of identity plays a crucial role in sexuality, gender and intimacy. Young adults deal with these elements in more peculiar way.

This is because they have energy, hope and idealism that affect the whole society. In the long run, the society plays a major role in affecting the development of young adults. The emotional ups-and-downs tend to drop in early adulthood and become more private and subtler. The young adults are also faced with the desire to have children. This may be because they feel lonely just after college and the fact that they are independent miss closeness to high school and college friends. Some young adults find it difficult to establish mature and intimate relationships.

This may be centrally attributed to the way the society defines physical appearance. In this case, for example, an obese young adult may suffer emotionally just because the society relates pleasant appearance to slenderness (especially in women). There exists a presumption that the obese are lazy or glutton. This instills feelings of rejection, depression and shame in the young adult and therefore hampering the making of relationships. The young adults also have a problem with getting to understand their bearing. This is the time you will find them, out of desperation, engaging in alcoholism.

According to Boyd, D. & Bee, H. (2006) there exists a correlation between young adult personality and alcohol behavior problems. This however differs for men and women. It is higher in males than females. This is due to shared environmental effects among males. Here some individuals may feel that they are not good enough in the environment they are in because they can’t find job that measure up to their intellectual level. There is also this perception that everyone is doing better than you are in the environment.

It is argued that in early adulthood one is likely to suffer from some health problems associated with their psychology (Santrock 2008). In formation on the determinants of health in early adulthood show various transitions necessary to health and later life. Psychological distress causes poor health in early adulthood. The psychological problems may be brought about by the individuals feeling insecure regarding the (1) near future, (2) the long-term plans, life goals, and (3) present accomplishments. When finding a long-lasting vocation become elusive, some individuals feel insecure.

For educated individuals who have come to terms with the real life especially in terms of responsibilities experience career stagnation and become extremely insecure. Here they taste the tough, competitive and unforgiving world as they ever imagined. Even with the qualifications they have spent much money and time on are not able to prepare them for this disenchantment. Birren and Schaie (1985) in their book psychology of aging postulates that many individuals after college graduation do not live up to a good standard of living. Many end up in low class houses with roommates instead of having better income to suffice their needs.

These substandard living conditions and repetitive work create a lot of anxiety, anger and frustration. They deny feeling like losers and this secrecy intensifies the problem more. Reference: 1. Birren, J. E. , and Schaie, K. W. (Eds. ). (1985). Handbook of the psychology of aging. 2nd Ed. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold. 2. Boyd, D. & Bee, H. (2006). Lifespan Development (4th Ed. ). New York: NY. Allyn and Bacon. 3. Santrock, J. W. (2008) Life-span development (11th Ed). New York: McGraw-Hill. Payne, V. G. , & Isaacs, L. D. (2008). Human motor development: A lifespan approach (6th Ed. ). New York: McGraw-Hill.

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