Psychological, Physical abuse

Physical abuse is a very horrible thing to witness and to be a victim of it. Physical abuse can happen to anyone its age is limitless. There is a lot of effects that causes the victims to do. Like for example, the short-term effects of this abuse can be cured by going to the emergency room physician or another healthcare provider. Only the victim currently has cuts, bruises, broken bones, and other illnesses. On the other hand there is also long-term effects that are more complicated.

They include Arthritis, dissociation, Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and much more. PTSD victims can become very fearful and restless after their trauma. If a child is a witness of physical abuse then their side effects are that they can have anxiety and can also be traumatized. If the person has been abused during their childhood they are more likely to encounter issues like depression, suicidal thoughts, and eating disorders later in their lifetime. Psychological is another effect of physical abuse but this one more in a mental and emotional state.

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An example that I found on a website called ¨HealthyPlace¨ is a woman who through physical abuse and this what she said ¨..on Mother’s Day of that year, he broke my back, showing my son how it was done..¨

This will definitely affect the child by having fear of what’s gonna happen next. They will for sure have trust issues. Not just children but people who are in relationships too. The future consequences of abuse may help you recognize the importance of changing or leaving the situation.

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The consequences are gonna be really bad for the abusers. They are just gonna up being in arrested for really long time because they are basically delinquents who did some really bad stuff to other people. The physical consequences are insignificant injuries to serious brain damage and maybe even sometimes death. The economic consequences in the United States are about the average of lifespan cost per victim of nonfatal child abuse and also the neglect was $210,012 dollars (in 2010 dollars).

Some of them include childhood health care, criminal justice, and adult medical costs. Juvenile delinquents has a couple effects. The article “The effects of juvenile Delinquency” has all the effects. Which are the victims, their families, their selves, the community, and society. First is obviously the victims, they are gonna lose a lot because of the damage that the delinquent had done to them. Next is the family, they are gonna have to pay for what they did ex: the lawyers. The families are gonna have to face group counseling sessions. Which are troublesome and pricey during the time when the child is in detention or on probation.

Then the delinquents are gonna have to suffer the consequences he or she are unable to forecast. The child may have some future consequences while choosing what college and career they want. Then the effects on the community are very hard to deal with because it has to do with drugs use, gang involvement, and sexual behavior. Which causes problems to the community because the neighborhoods are unsafe due to this issue. The cost is a large amount of public money to spent on law enforcement and also school safety. Finally there are the effects on Society

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Psychological, Physical abuse

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