Psychological effects on women victims of domestic violence Essay

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Psychological effects on women victims of domestic violence

Campbell, Jacquelyn el “Intimate Partner Violence and Physical health Consequences”. Archives of Internal Medicine 162i 10 Article 7 (2002) The research was: “Intimate Partner Violence and Physical Health Consequence” where researchers were examining how violence affects a woman’s short term as well long term physical wellbeing. This study explored the area of abused and non abused women assessed the two groups for physical problems.

Abused cases, either physically and or sexually were 201. This research employed Abuse Assessment Screen in its measurements (Wisner, 1999). Measures of physical abuse was done via use of Miller physical symptom and injury scale, that requires a woman to ascertain whether she has been to a doctor or nurse due to any of the 25 conditions related to domestic violence (Wisner, 1999). The results showed that women suffered more physical disorders as a result of abuse (Wisner, 1999).

Such disorders were found to include headaches, back pain, STD s, vaginal bleeding, vaginal infections, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, urinary tract infections, appetite loss, abdominal pain as well as digestive problems, long terms effects were found to occur due to recurring central nervous system signals such as headaches, back pain, fading and hallucinations (Wisner, 1999). Domestic violence is associated with problems of the cardiovascular system, high blood pressure among others

The importance of this study is that it offers clue on how women are fatally threatened by domestic violence (Wisner, 1999). Diseases such as cardiovascular and blood pressure are among the serial killer diseases within the society (women). This study relates to this topic in that psychological effects are secondary to physical effects. For instance, where a woman gets her back broken as a result of domestic violence, even if the back heals she remains psychologically affected by the memories of this ordeal for the rest of her life (Wisner, 1999).

Future implications of the study are that it is important for the public to be educated on matters relating to domestic violence. There is also the need to provide better medical attention to women of domestic violence, that is, there should be well trained physicians to deal with female patients involved in domestic violence (Wisner, 1999). This would mean increased costs on health planners (Wisner, 1999). Reference Wisner, C. , Gilmer, T. , Saltzman, L. , Zinc. T (1999). Intimate Partner Violence Against Women. Do victims cost health plans more? Journal of Family Practice, June.

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