Psychological Assesment: IQ Tests Essay

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Psychological Assesment: IQ Tests

The IQ test I found and tested on the Internet is IQTEST.COM (  It employs a series of 38 multiple-choice questions that prohibits the use of pencil and paper so that only mental thinking and computation will be used by the individual taking the test.  After completing the test, the score is sent to the individual by email.  I got an IQ test score of 125, which is categorized as above average.  An intelligence quotient or IQ is a value that represents an individual’s mental capabilities in relation to other individuals of the same age.  It is understood that each individual has several particular mental capabilities and that specific abilities may be assessed using an efficient method.  There is a strong correlation between an intelligence quotient and the likelihood to succeed in the academe and business worlds.

            The IQ score was classically employed to evaluate individuals that were thought to be of low intelligence or to assess children who needed special education.  The IQ test was then created as a comparative tool to determine if a child’s mental ability was at par with other children belonging to the same age range.  When a child receives a higher than normal score from the IQ test, the child is considered more intelligent than the average child of that particular age range.  The current IQ tests are used for any age and it now not meant to determine any level of mental retardation.  Newer IQ tests are designed to be free of bias from cultural and religious differences and there is no need for comparison to other individuals of the same age range.

            I find that the IQ test offered by IQTEST.COM to be highly credible because it requires mental comprehension of the question and thinking without the use of any peripheral materials such as pencil and paper.  However, it would be better if there were more types of questions than plain abstract topics.  I was thinking that their IQ test would also include visual acuity which is also a good indicator of perception and processing.


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