Psychological Analysis Of Left-behind Children In China

The three siblings of the xiong family in bijie, guizhou, were raised by their grandparents.Their daily routine is: go to school, go home, share housework, such a cycle. They are more mature and sensible than ordinary children. Their parents, meanwhile, were busy 2,000 kilometres away in wenzhou, struggling to support a family.They’ve never had a proper birthday with their parents, even if it’s something they’ve always wanted. This is also a true reflection of the lives of the other 60 million left-behind children in China.

Left-behind children refer to children who are left behind in the countryside because their parents or one of them go out to work and need other relatives and clients to take care of them. According to authoritative surveys, the number of ‘left-behind children’ in rural China exceeds 61 million, equivalent to the total population of the UK.

As we all know, children in the growth period of adult personality, mental health or not is of great significance to the formation of character, parents’ love is very important to the growth of children’s psychology.

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Because ‘left-behind children’ live in a special environment for a long time and lack the direct care and care of their parents, they are prone to a series of psychological problems over time.

Due to lack of parental protection, left-behind children will easily feel inferior and form psychological barriers. Moreover, most left-behind children are closed in heart, because they have no one to express their feelings or talk to. This will not only affect their social interaction with the society, but also make their personality more extreme.

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There have been too many cases of left-behind children hurting and killing because of emotional outbursts, and this is the root cause.

In addition, left-behind children are emotionally unstable and often in a negative state. Due to lack of parents’ care for a long time, it is easy to generate depressed, lonely, anxious and other unstable emotions, which will affect their study and life.

The root cause of the problem of left-behind children is the regional imbalance of economic development, which causes a large number of rural labor force to flow to cities, so there are left-behind children. To solve the problem of left-behind children, we must first narrow the wealth gap between urban and rural areas and improve rural infrastructure. Second, a migrant parents should often communicate with children and communication, in addition to care about the child’s life, body, and learning, more should pay attention to communicate with their children’s emotional and psychological communication, let the children always feel the love of parents. Such not only help children helpless and anxious psychology, also be able to get sufficient support from parents and sure, to establish their own positive comments, to maintain a higher level of self-esteem. Parents also give their children work hard experience, so that they know their parents work hard, and understand that life is hard, understanding and respect for their parents, grateful, form the correct outlook on life and values, shaping the child’s psychological health.

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