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Psychoanalysis Perspective Kate Chopin Essay

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Psychoanalysis is a form of therapy which aims to cure mental disorders ‘by investigating the interaction of conscious and unconscious elements in the mind’ (Comise Oxford Dictionary). It is elaborated by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939). Psychoanalysis is a rather detailed and complicated theory of personality and motivation – of what makes people do what they do. It is also a type of therapy. Simply put, psychoanalysis involves the exploration of a person’s unconscious thought processes through methods such as free association – saying whatever comes to mind – and dream analysis.

It is included ego, super ego, and id, Defense Mechanism, and Projection. Then for this analyzes I would use ego, repression, and Projection.

The meaning of ego is conscious, to make something good in life, and repression is Forgetting or ignoring of unresolved conflict, unadmitted desires or traumatic past event, so that they are forced out of conscious awareness and into the realm of the unconscious. And then Projection is aspect of our self (usually negative ones) are not recognize as part of ourselves but are perceived in or attributed to another, our own desire or antagonism, for instance may be disowned in this way.

I would analyze the father using ego and for Armand I will use repression and Projection.

Armand and his father have a different attitude toward the slave because they have different reason, His father threats the slaves well, he never does a violence thing to the slaves. Because he knows that if he threat and put the slaves on the very low class in the family, it will also hurt his wife which is mix blood. Aware or not, with acted cruelly it will make his wife feel the pain too. His wife is a mix blood and black is also part of his origin. He did not want to hurt his wife and it s not a big problem whether his wife is mix blood or not. So, he treat their slaves as good as a white people. The good things is that Armand’s father comes from a good named family, his big love toward his wife repress his ego about the background origin of his wife. He ignore about it because for him, every people has their right to life and being honored by others. Usually a well named family will think about it.

Armand’s father not really cares about someone’s origin, for him, everyone is good and has the same right in their life. It may become the reason why he accepts his wife as mix blood and his slave as a black people. Even though the slaves is a black people he still stance his slave well. He put aside his own ego as a white people which is usually rich and in the first position in the society. Then it may become a big disaster if someone from rich and white family marries someone which is mix blood. In this story, Armand’s father did not care about that because his big love for his wife which is known as mix blood.

On the other hand, Armand has a different attitude from his father, he treats his slave cruelly. He often does violence and gives punishment to his slaves. We think that he has a reason why he so cruel to his slaves. Armand actually know that he is a mix blood, he afraid if there is someone now about it. For the result he threats her slaves cruelly to protect himself, so nobody knows about his mix blood. Armand think that have a mix blood can make him in lower position. He does a lot of things to keep his identity, and marries Desiree is one of his effort, and then do violence to his slaves is another way to cover his origin. With his violence to the slaves it will cover his paranoid feeling because consider it or not, he has the same blood with the slaves. It is the way the repress feeling of Armand occurs. He consciously aware of his mix blood status, he feels ashamed to be known as mix blood, then he threat his slaves cruelly because unconsciously he want to repress his own feeling about that.

Armand want to forget about his identity that shows that he is mix blood, for Armand, position and prestige is important, his background family is a good named and wealth family, which people known as white people. So, he reflect his disappointment to the slaves as his antagonism self point to the slaves. However, his true origin is a mix blood, and he is convincing that those are a burden for him. He will lose his high position in the society, because at that time, a mix blood is usually known as people from the secondary classes.

The point is that not every son act like their father, there may be some thing that influence those act. Here we can wee clearly that even though Armand’s father had been known that his wife is a mix blood, he still loves and do not wants to hurt his wife. In contrary, Armand is born from a wealth and white family (as people known). He really loves his position and his good names. People around him also think so about his wealth and white family. So he really ashamed if people know him as mix blood, because he think he will lose what he had had and judges as people from the secondary class who have no right in society.

Finally it can conclude that, Even though Armand’s father knows about his wife origin, he still loves her. For him, mix blood or not is not a big problem. Even his slaves which is a black people, he still threat them well because he did not want to hurt his wife by violence them. On the other hand, Armand like to violence his slaves because his paranoid feeling about his own origin. He is afraid known as a mix blood origin, on his point of view, mix blood is bad and in has a lower position. That point of view may occur because from he was a child; he comes from a well named and rich family. Then, when his son change become black he blame that was his wife offspring, it is his effort to cover his own identity. So, Armand and his father have a different attitude toward the slaves because of their own reason and point of view.

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