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The Crucible provides a powerfully dramatic conclusion

Arthur Miller has a great and opinionated mind. In writing The Crucible – an acknowledged classic of modern theater, he has unveiled the things that are often required of life for a human’s survival; betrayal, mendacity, inequity and deception – the works of the devil. Miller has re-told of a tragedy of witchcraft trials in… View Article

TAM provides

Online trust is essential in e-commerce as such trait is needed to have a healthy relationship among consumers and electronic marketing firms. Trust governs how the consumer behaves in online transactions and activities. The paper aims to evaluate the understanding of online trust in e-commerce and thus have provided one method and two essential models… View Article

Politics provides

Unreasonable – Politics provides good examples of unreasonable slippery slope arguments. Here is a statement pulled from the blogs on Barack Obama’s campaign website: “”In order to bring change, you must vote,” Phillips said. ” This assumes that if people vote something will change. Say the issue is the 35% tax rate. By this argument… View Article

Socratic Method

Since the formulation of the Socratic Method, it has been made reasonably clear that the quest for knowledge is based on firstly knowing that one does not know everything and secondly that the only way to know more about anything is to ask more questions. This does not imply of course that one simply propound… View Article