Provide support to continue recommend therapies

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Outcome 1 understand the importance of supporting individuals to continue recommended therapies 1.1 Analyse the potential of recommended therapies to an individual`s health and wellbeing. All of our students have a disability, this could be physical, mental and medical and therefore will need some kind of support during their time with Treloars. Treloars provide a variety of support for example:- they have teams of physiotherapist, occupational therapist, hydro therapist, nursing team, counselling team and specialist carers that are trained in all aspects of therapies so that they are able to carry out the therapy’s that required by the individuals.

It’s important that Treloars provide this support because it’s supporting the student’s health and well-being and as most of our students suffer with health issues. Positive points for assisting with therapies.

1) Supporting a student with regular therapies will help with their mobility’s and build up the core strength.
2) Healthy student equals happy student
3) Encourage independence
Negative points if a student isn’t supporting with therapies
1) Poor health
2) Deterioration in education
3) Lack in social skills, may develop depression
4) May experience additional poor health.

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1.2 Describe barriers that may prevent individuals from continuing recommended therapies, and the possible consequence of discontinuation. Barriers that may prevent individuals from continuing recommend therapies could be illness, the equipment may need repairing or replacing. The student has had an operation and may not be able to continue the therapy for a certain amount of time. The possible consequence of discontinuation could be their therapy could be set back and could take longer than first thought.

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The partial loss of or total of movement of a limb. The may not be able to do standing transfers, which could result in the loss of independence. The student could become socially excluded from their peers, they also could become withdrawn or depressed.

Outcome 2 be able to encourage individuals to complete activities recommended by therapists. 2.2 Provide opportunities for an individuals to access information about the benefits for continuing the recommended therapy. There are many opportunities for students to access knowledge regarding the therapy they are receiving for example students are free to talk to a member of staff at any point and staff can either direct them to an appropriate member of staff or support the student to access the internet or attend the library where they will find a mass of information, if the student isn’t happy with these options, staff may look at external options for example someone coming in and discussing it with the student.

2.3 Describe how to overcome an individual`s fears or concerns about continuing the recommended therapy. To overcome a student’s fears or concerns about continuing the recommended therapy would be to explain the benefits this therapy will have on their health and well-bring. To show the student what they can achieve if they continue their therapy. Show the student how far they have come on and explain what could happen if they stop doing their recommended therapy.

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Provide support to continue recommend therapies
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