Proud To Be An American

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I am proud to reside in America. We are the land of the complimentary and the home of the brave. We have the freedom to vote, practice the faith of our option, speak freely, and easily share our ideas or concepts through the press. Our nation is the # 1 varied country in the world. There are numerous reasons I believe America is an excellent nation to live in. If you are an American person over eighteen, you have the right to vote.

I think it is essential to enable residents to vote because it enables them to have a say in our government, whether you’re rich, bad, various cultures, or faiths your vote still counts. Our ballot rights are an offered as an American person. Our residents voting impacts laws, leaders, and other essential matters.

The freedoms our soldiers have fought for, including voting, are still just as important today as it was many years ago. These rights serve as a very important matter in our country, and every citizen should be grateful for having them.

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We have the right to speak freely and say anything we want without getting punished. We can express our selves everyday and be proud of what we do or do not believe in. Another way we can express our individualism is through the press. We can speak up about the truth, through the media including that of the internet and press.

Another reason I am proud of my country is because of diversity of culture, opinion, and race.

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The United States of America is sometimes considered the ‘melting pot’ of the world. It has that nickname because a variety of people from all over the world have come to America to have equality. America has equality because people with different cultures, opinions,style, race, and many more, are not judged unfairly or treated differentally from other people.

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Proud To Be An American

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