Protection From Racism and Bullying

Not being able to shield yourself in opposition to the harm that human beings can put another person through, can cause deeply rooted mental and physical scarring that will impact you for life. We need to see the reality of what the world is doing to each other, and as an alternative of turning to violence whether it be physical or verbal, we should come together as one and assist the human beings who are discriminated against and help them fight this war.

Attitude, opinions, and the way we treat every other living thing is mostly centred on our own beliefs. Most people believe that if our thoughts are prejudiced, then our attitude and behavior will result as the same. Racism is a belief based on non-factual generalizations. Stereotyping, as the same as racism, also consists of title calling, objectifying slurs, and dehumanizing jokes. Victims of prejudice frequently develop an erroneous faith, and this is how children learn to be prejudiced.

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A slur directed at a unique ethnic population is mostly to get these results in a confrontation: shame, pain, anger, hostility, guilt and embarrassment.

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