Prostitution Pros and Cons

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Jacob Kallal BLAW 235 801 10-10-11 Prostitution Pros and Cons LIST 1: REASONS WHY PROSTITUTION SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL 1. The uncertainty of the long term ramifications. 2. Even if it were legalized it would be difficult to keep it structured and under control. Potentially not controlling it could lead to actually expanding it. 3. Supply and demand. Legalizing prostitution would increase demand which would call for an increase in supply. 4. It would show leniency to the Degenerates (pimps, traffickers, and prostitutes) that exploit their workers and themselves.

LIST 2: REASONS WHY PROSTITUTION SHOULD BE LEGAL . If prostitution were legal it would be more structured as it is in Nevada Brothels. Prostitutes could be required to have health and screenings multiple times a year. 2. It could open the door to unionization. This would be the industries best chance at ensuring the illegal, non-tax paying, and non-health exam participants would stay off the streets. 3. In my opinion if the government allows the sale of cigarettes, very unhealthy foods, guns, other weapons, etc.

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then they are trusting the public to use their values, reasoning, and morality to choose how and when to purchase and use these products.

Why should sex be any different? How is a college student getting drunk and sleeping with 3 people in one night legal but if someone is getting paid for it then it is illegal? The college student situation is acting in risky behavior just like the prostitute. It is still pre-marital sex if you are looking at it from a religious standpoint. To me in my opinion it makes absolutely no sense.

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4. Prostitution costs our society money. The amount of tax dollars that we pay police, task forces, public defenders, etc. could be used to fight other forms of malicious crime. 5. It would give the prostitutes rights.

Instead of their pimps exploiting them they would actually be able to have a stable income. 6. It simply cannot be prevented. “The world’s oldest profession” it is not in our constitution because the founding fathers of this country obviously did not feel it was an issue. 7. I don’t feel that the government should be able to punish people for immoral behavior. It said in the instructions for this assignment that some states have punished individuals for sex outside of marriage for no money. That sounds like religious persuasion on law makers and I don’t feel that is right at all.

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