Prostitution: Brothel and Strong Religion Essay

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Prostitution: Brothel and Strong Religion

Social effects that usually happens to individuals is that individuals will continue to be involved with symptoms of brothels. Future individuals will be destroyed by evil issues. Among them are regarded by society despised around. Usually prostitutes will be isolated when not whore himself due to age, health and others. In the family, the prostitutes will be sorted from the lives of family members with normal. This is because family members can not receive part of the family of prostitutes and it can be embarrassing if erudition by family contacts and the general public.

This contempt because prostitutes regarded by the community east of specific communities that have a strong religion. This has been proven when a child in a family in Kuala Lumpur recently been removed because at the time the young mother, her mother has been in the brothels. This is shown family members wanted the family name clean from prostitution. In society, the prostitutes are considered as a polluting pariah image of a place. For example, around Jalan Haji Taib is known for prostitution since the first again. In addition, the number of cases to remove children is increasing.

Some people do not give the family past by the road and they approach the area although other aims. Name the country will also be contaminated and will be the focus of the public. National social problems will continue to increase with many activities because prostitution happens this will lead to symptoms such as rape, murder and so forth. This can worsen the situation. In the economic system, the effects of prostitution can bring good and bad. for example, in Malaysia adverse effects arising from prostitution area is known for prostitution will not be visited by the family customers.

This is because parents do not want their children near the area of prostitution. In addition, the area will be filled with prostitute- prostitute and the customer waiting area into the cause of black people who have a strong religion. Malaysia in the area if possible will always be a concern for the authorities and led to fewer young customers do business there. government also had to spend some money to treat the diseases caused by HIV prostitution directly or indirectly. This case, causing the government provision of education, welfare and others reduced.

If countries in Asia other, prostitution is a major source of income. For example, Thailand has made the activity of prostitution as a pull tourists from within and outside the country. This will lead to the establishment of Thailand is famous for its house of prostitution are controlled by the government. People overseas who wish to obtain services to prostitutes to visit Thailand. It also introduces various side effects with other tourism products. Beside that also, prostitution affects the lifestyle of poor communities.

For example, prostitution can cause disease outbreaks or epidemics of HIV among comumitty. Spread of the disease can spread if individuals who do not follow how to avoid sexual diseases such HIV. A person who has been infected with HIV have to produce more spending to treat this disease. Fitness level of people who are infected this will result in decreased productivity and produced no worthwhile and less quality. For example, individuals who are infected with HIV do not work with the spirit and focus on something jobs will be lost.

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