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Prosperity of India

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1102 words)
Categories: Corruption And Scams In India, Corruption India, Growth Of Population In India, India, Prosperity, Regionalism In India
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The way Indian economy is making progress for the last few years, is fairly rapid and impressive. Continuation of the same trend in the next five years should result in substantial advancement in prosperity as compared to developed countries. However, complacency can be disastrous for any country. Also there is no harm to give further fillip to growth rate in future. With this attitude I would like to suggest the following ares of improvement for aster development of India’s economic prosperity and security.

1.India’s achievement in the field of information technology, particularly in software development has been very impressive and very much talked about. But it is worth noting that most of India’s software and other IT services companies, including IT based business process outsourcing derive a very big chunk of their business from overseas business. This means that India is not able to make much use of IT to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its business and other economic operations.

This also reflects the low priority given by Indian business to improve quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

I believe, that to become a major economic power in the world, it is necessary to develop the best capabilities in much wider sphere of technology, rather than just providing services to other companies and business that use such services to achieve high level of efficiency and effectiveness. 2.Performance of industries is being harmed by narrow considerations of regionalism and casts. While the need to provide support support to under developed regions and under-privileged sections cannot be denied. I very much doubt if their interest is best served by helping them in ways that bring down the level of performance in businesses and public life. Any preferential treatment to specific region or set of people should pass the test of a proper cost benefit analysis. Of the various practices adopted in name of social justice, the one that hurts the country most, is denying opportunities for to those who can serve national interest best, by assigning responsibilities for such work and result to the incapable and incompetent.

I believe all scheme enforced by government for preferential treatment for employment based on caste or region should be replaced by schemes to develop the capabilities of such under privileged people so that they can contribute to the national wealth. National wealth cannot be increased by just consuming it without contributing to its creation. 3.There is a need to cut down on corruption and inefficiency in the government. This can be done very effectively by employing information technology. The right to information act has made some impact. But already there are moves from many government to limit the scope of this act on many different pretexts. I believe by developing and implementing effective systems that monitor and control performance of individual in government jobs, performance of the country as a whole will improve automatically.

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Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered

India need improvement in all spheres so that it could also be counted as the developed country. People should adopt family planning programmes to reduce the population of the country. Better education and medical facilities should be provided. Agriculture should be improved because more than half of the population is farmer. Come on India!!!!

Now its our time!!!
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Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered

India should provide girl education in rural areas so that the girls could also study and can be the future of the nation.Some parents also did not send their child to the school because of the following reasons:- 1.School can be far from the home and there would be no conveyance.

2.Parents could not afford the fees of the school.

3.The child could be discriminated just like Om Prakash Velky. 4.Proper teachers could not be available.
So Indian Government should provide proper education in the rural areas specially and should take strict action to the education of the rural areas.

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Anonymous commented
1.child labour must be band
2.women of the society should be protected
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered

India lacks literacy, n literacy can remove all the social evils from the country and making it a secular, safe, n prosperous country. We people living in the Urban areas are not at all satisfied by what is happening then try to imagine of those living in remote areas, they simply lack everything. The things that today have become a basic necessity for us are out of reach for some people or say most of the India’s population like electricity, water supply. Dowry, child marriage are the evils that need to be debarred today from the roots. N Literacy is the only mean to do that. Girl education can make a far improvement. It could remove almost all the evils that India is affected by.

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prem R S Profile
prem R S answered

Common Education, Common law( Civil code) No religious favourism, no cast, majority , minority concepts should be avoided. Nationalsim should be encouraged..India is the world leader. All should be equal without cast and creed. Only one difference should be there, ie, havings and have nots. That means under economic conditions. Give them what they needed. If educationally backward provide them, Money for study give them. If money is there and lack of development in that region, provide it.If health problem arrang for it. Think first and ask first What is the problem in each and every area.No holidays under religious consideration. Only weekend holidays only.Each and every person should have the right to take leave on their respective festivals and enjoy it. All others should come to the office and vice versa.No HINDu law, or christian or Islam.

Should take good from all and be implimented. If giving scholorship provide to all poor people without considering his cast and only consider his economic conditions.All students and people should express their views , ideas through proper channel(agency) what they want and to become?? Provide them help for it afterexamining his qulaity for that. A good Nation without Religous favourism . That could develop. STudy and teach All are brothers. No scams!!! It will destroy the minds of new generation.

Think positively and act positively by policians and leaders who are influencing the society.Should give importance to (50%) agriculture.Without eating we could do nothing. Control population . One or Two. Give the new birth baby full facilities( up to 2 childeren) If more than that number, it is responsibility of their own and it nver of the STATE(Govt) and never give them any assistance. Always in the mind that “”INDIA THE WORLD LEADER”””

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