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Prose Essay Examples

Dr. Johnson’s contributions to English prose, criticism and lexicography

Rightly hailed as a literal and figurative literary giant, Dr. Johnson made major contributions to English prose, poetry, drama, literary criticism and English language. His presence is central to the understanding of the literature of the latter part of the eighteenth century. Giving stability to English language was his major concern and all through his…

Poetic Edda and Prose Edda

Poetic Edda and Prose Edda are the two most popular (and deemed to be the most comprehensive) representation of Norse mythology. These two works are written on the same line of interest; but on different periods. The Poetic Edda is much older than Prose Edda; because of this most Norse mythology experts pertain to Poetic…

Prose and poetry

Creative writing carries with it a myriad of challenges that are more than often conflicting or ironically similar. Let me start off by setting aside specific characteristics of languages. For instance, general talk typically employs ordinary language. Hence, verbs do what they are developed to do, and this also applies to nouns. Therefore, by examining…



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Flash Fiction and Prose

Surprise endings are tricky. They either work or they don’t; people are either captivated or dubiously disappointed. I must confess that “The School” and “Dinner Time” were both extremely strange and vaguely unenjoyable for me. “School” was quite depressing and raised quite a bit of questions: when does bad luck become just bad? How were…

Critique of the Ramayana Modern Prose Translation

In a just world, Mr. R. K. Narayan’s estate would be responsible for reimbursing seventeen-fifty, plus applicable taxes, to all those who purchased the Penguin Classics 2006 publication of his book, The Ramayana: A Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic. Stated clearly on the back of the cover is the promise that R….

Expository Prose Assignment

1.Ed Pilkington purpose for this article is to inform the audience that he wants to abolish the rule of execution because in this article, the U.S legal system made a fatal mistake by sentencing an innocent man to his death.  This article is in expository style because it has a thesis that explains what he…

Lanark: Prose Commentary

This extract from Lanark ,written by Alasdair Gray, is a highly evocative piece of narrative prose. Set within a church in Lenzies, Glasgow, the excerpt illustrates the loss of love and theloss of self-belief which are inextricably intertwined for the character Duncan Thaw. Writtenin a post-modern style, it is also representative of the subjectivity of…

Analysis on John Locke’s Prose Approach

John Locke’s politically inclined state of establishing the innate sense of liberalism in his work is a manifestation of his political theories as well as with his deliberative arguments on certain instances that belie the natural and rational premises landscaping the governmental realm of ethical obligation as vanguard in illustrating the various interpretations reputable laws….

Analyse the presentation of Jane in Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’

How is Jane presented in Charlotte Bront�’s ‘Jane Eyre’? Charlotte Bront� presents Jane in three different sections of her life that run through from childhood at her aunt’s house to her adult life at Thornfield. The presentation of Jane’s personality and looks is shown both through her own narration as well as the dialogue between…

Miles and Flora in ‘The Turn of the Screw’

The children in the novella are very distinctive in a manner of how the reader can perceive them. They can be seen by many as good children or bad children. In Victorian times the majority of children were actually brought up in the lower class and the middle class, Miles and Flora were not, they…

The Widow’s Window

What aching irony it is to love so wholly the idea of independence and have it stripped from you not a minute after you’ve tasted its sweet song. To have been so close to freedom and joy and to lose it only moments later. Is it any wonder then that Mrs. Mallard’s life was cut…

Lust Versus Logic: The Never-Ending Conflict

“‘Why?’ asked her companion. ‘Why do you love him when you ought not to?’ (109)” In the novel The Awakening by Kate Chopin, the main character Edna Pontellier must deal with the ultimate internal struggle- the never ending conflict between passion and responsibility. She must choose between her duties and responsibility towards her husband- a…

Heart Of Darkness Creative Writing

Alike you, I wish to meet him. The more times I hear his name the more my impatience grows on my mind. He is too known throughout this region for me to give up finding him. Don’t you find him frightful? Yet of course, fascinating. I do. Imagine looking into Kurtz eyes. I’d freeze, not…

Creative Piece. Phoebe Cauldfield’s Diary Entires

As Literature and Language Jenny Colebourn Phoebe’s Diary – Aged 7, 12, 16 and 21 * Dear Diary, Saturday september 20th 1947 * * I have been at school for 2 weeks and I sit next to a girl named alice in spelling class she is really nice and we are becoming friends!!! * I…

How does Salinger present the character of Holden in the opening pages of the text?

Salinger uses a variety of linguistic and literary techniques to create a realistic voice for the protagonist, Holden Caulfield, and to give the reader an idea of how this is achieved and presents the major concerns and thoughts of the character and the novel through these techniques. Salinger attempts to create the voice of a…


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