Pros and Cons of Large Universities Essay

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Pros and Cons of Large Universities

University, as stated in The Oxford Dictionary, is an educational institution designed for instruction, examination, or both, of students in many branches of advanced learning. Like any other institution, it may be categorized as either good or bad depending on its level of excellence, how well it prepares its students for the working environment, etc. These defining factors and other essential components, determine whether a certain university is a worthy place to go to school. Thus, based on these defining features, it can be said that Florida State is an exceptional institution to attend college.

As previously mentioned, Florida State University is a wonderful place to attend college, as it is considered one of the best research universities in Florida. For instance, unlike some universities, it provides students with the facilities to experiment in the laboratory and gain firsthand experiences in analyzing and understanding their field of interest. That is, it grants students the opportunity to apply what they learn in class to real life situations, thus enabling a greater understanding of their field of interest.

It also enables them to think independently and critically rather than solely memorizing the information taught to them. In addition to the above, FSU consists of many libraries such as Dirac, and Strozier, which conveniently house an extensive collection of books and research papers. These libraries are the homes of many tutors and professors who are there specifically to help students in reinforcing the subject matter learned. These tutoring sessions are free of charge, and allows for personalized attention outside of the classroom.

Furthermore, Florida State also provides its pupils with an opportunity to study abroad for one semester. This program is advantageous as it gives students the ability to interact with new cultures and assess their way of life. It helps them to become well rounded individuals capable of looking beyond the surface, and also allows for personal, intellectual and spiritual development. Last but not least, FSU is a great school because it provides a communal environment whereby people of different cultures can interact and share their ideals, values, and beliefs.

It allows them to actively participate in activities that encourage a relationship between people of different ethnicities, and engages students to utilize the knowledge they obtain to make informed judgments. Nevertheless, like any other institution, Florida State University has its disadvantages. One such disadvantage would be the sizes of the classroom. For instance, many classes range from a student body of 200-300. This can prove disadvantageous because there is less student-teacher interaction and fewer opportunities for students to grasp the information being taught.

Also, the out-of-state tuition for students, who are not residents of Florida, may prove to be very costly. Lastly, some professors have little regard for their students’ progression and are focused solely on their area of research. In conclusion, despite these disadvantages, Florida State is a great place to attend college because it is one of the best research universities in Florida. Additionally, it strives to educate its pupils to become well rounded individuals-capable of asserting themselves beyond their field of interest, as well as provides them with many opportunities to grow both spiritually and mentally.

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