Pros and Cons of exercising Essay

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Pros and Cons of exercising

Question 3: Do you agree that exercising is the only way to keep fit and healthy?

When it comes to the the phrase ‘a healthy lifestyle’, many people often think of the gym as the only way to keep your body in shape. It seems difficult for them to achieve, and is often seen very negatively. However, exercising is not the only way. In fact, there are many ways to keep fit and healthy, such as having a regular diet, having enough rest, and keeping a positive mindset.

Having a regular diet is one of the simplest yet hardest way to keep fit. It requires one to adjust the way they eat, and be cautious of their food intake. However, it may not seem as difficult as it may seem to be. For example, fish and chips seems very unhealthy, but there are ways to make it healthier. Baking it instead of deep-frying it, and just adding a few vegetables to go along with your meal would be an easy way to “neutralize” your unhealthy food. Make a few simple changes to your diet, and you would soon feel much healthier.

To make sure your body has abundant energy to do your daily activities, having enough rest is very important. While you rest, your brain stays busy, and prepares you for the next day. Minimal deprivation of sleep takes a toll on your mood, energy, and ability to handle stress. Adults should sleep betweeen 6-7 hours each day. However, if one is not getting average sleep time, it is best to catch up on weekends where there is no work. Sleep should not be deprived of as it can affect your mental state, energy level and ability to focus.

Lastly, having a postitive mindset can help boost one’s morale or motivation spirit. When one is postive about his or her life, he or she would be able to solve obstacles they face with ease as they are able to find ways to solve their problems rather than just dwelling over it. This helps keep both the mind and brain healthy. Rather than thinking that life is unfair, one should appreciate the many things that one has.

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