Pros and Cons of Advertising in Sports

When reading about the shocking truth of sports and advertising one can tell right away that these products are not specifically met for these athletes. Instead they are targeted for the people watching at home. In the text it takes about how the growth of sporting events has grown since the 15 ever Super Bowl. In 1967 when the first Super Bowl was played, there had only been 3 major television channels. After the game the first rating of 18.5% of TV households had been watching the game.

Looking ahead into the Olympics of 2012, had an average rating of 21%. Along with 2012 March Madness that had 12.1%. “Clearly, sporting events draw an audience and advertisers are looking for an audience”, thus makes this a beneficial area to advertise in based on viewership alone. When looking into more detail of what to advertise during a sporting event, one will think of a lot of “unhealthy” options. A few examples from the text would be how, “McDonalds has sponsored Team U.

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S.A. Olympic team since 1972.”

Along with “ Coca-Cola and McDonald’s were both ‘mega’ sponsors of the 2012 Olympics.” These companies do stand for what these athletes are doing, but these athletes rarely consume any of these products. Another would be the promotion of alcohol and or tobacco sales in college football venues. This is an interesting one since about half of the players on the field aren’t even past the legal drinking ago, along with 50% of the students attending below this threshold of age as well. From the text it states, “nine in ten children ages 8-17 report that they consumer sports through the media, mostly through television.

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” With this being stated the people that are being damaged most by this are the future generations. Turning away from the “unhealthy” promotions, when looking at companies that advertise during these events that are directly related, it can go one of two ways. For major brands like Nike they had tested 75% brand recognition before the Olympics, and had kept this level throughout. Unlike their competitors, Adidas and Reebok who took a “serious decline.” Just like healthy and unhealthy products, there is a way to rank corporate companies like this, and that’s off the CSR, which stands for Corporate Social Responsibly.

The higher this is, the higher chance of engaging new customers. Yet getting people to trust your corporate company is an easy thing to do. With my personal opinion, I would have to say as nice as it would be to completely ban advertisements in sports. It just wouldn’t be realistic; people need that 30-second span of cartoons running across the screen, making them feel like kids again, with their favorite junk food, or fast food. Who knows. maybe even seeing that commercial can trigger an internal memory of something with their sports teams. Say you laughed at that Dorito’s commercial in between 3rd and 4th down of the Super Bowl, and then your team came back to win. You will never forget that commercial even though it had absolutely nothing to do with sports, it’s burnt into your mind forever. I do believe they need to put a regulation on alcohol advertisements. Solely off the fact that so many of these people viewing these games are not of legal drinking age. They still see these ads, and people having fun drinking it makes them want to try it way before they are even of age too. Therefore I believe that sports advertisements should be more heavily restricted only in the alcohol aspect.

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